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Google Summer of Code
BeagleBone Black
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  • Bitson Cape* )
    I2C RELAY UART RS232 OPTOCOUPLED POWER SUPPLY SWITCHING PRU GPIO1486785479000Sat Feb 11 2017 03:57:59 GMT-0000 (UTC);bbblack;complete
    SwiftyBones* )
    SwiftyBones is a modular Swift library for interacting with both the digital GPIO and Analog pins on the BeagleBone Black. 1466355735000Sun Jun 19 2016 17:02:15 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BuddyBot - First robot programming in Swift* )
    BuddyBot is the first robot programmed in the Swift language1463875200000Sun May 22 2016 00:00:00 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    IPv6 over Bluetooth on the BeagleBone Black* )
    Using IPv6 over a Bluetooth smart connection with the Beaglebone Black1461714711000Tue Apr 26 2016 23:51:51 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Swift on the Beaglebone Black* )
    Using the Swift programming language on the Beaglebone Black1461714593000Tue Apr 26 2016 23:49:53 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Low-Latency Multichannel Audio System (2 x 24 Bit stereo inputs, 4 x 24 Bit stereo outputs)* )
    audio, embedded, linux, alsa, asoc, multichannel, eurorack, diy, interface, i2s, tdm, pcm, am335x, ad1938, musictech, synthesizer, open source, DSP, ctag face 2|41455730870000Wed Feb 17 2016 17:41:10 GMT-0000 (UTC);gsoc;bbblack;complete
    Beagle Bone Black - Arduino UNO 5V Baseboard* )
    BBB, Arduino UNO 5V interface1455563163000Mon Feb 15 2016 19:06:03 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    OpenROV* )
    Open source underwater robots for exploration and education1455220290000Thu Feb 11 2016 19:51:30 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Replicape 3D printer cape* )
    Replicape is an open source hardware and software project for bringing 3D printer capabilities to the BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black1455220189000Thu Feb 11 2016 19:49:49 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    mother* )
    An open source bare metal runtime system on the BeagleBone Black suitable for a control system. 1451493419000Wed Dec 30 2015 16:36:59 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    I2C Xenomai driver
    Accessing the I2C bus from xenomai in realtime context1450018586000Sun Dec 13 2015 14:56:26 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Minimal Patchset for Cape Manager
    FYI: Work in Progress for Minimal Patchset for Cape Manager1449615607000Tue Dec 08 2015 23:00:07 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone patchset for mainline Linux kernel* )
    After my last post Build fbtft drivers for Linux 4.4 on BeagleBone Black, I was curious watch patches are need to run mainline Linux kernel on BeagleBone Black.1449281311000Sat Dec 05 2015 02:08:31 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    RFID authentication for hackerspace door* )
    Chicago hackerspace Pumping Station: One uses BeagleBone Black and RFID to control door access1449108565000Thu Dec 03 2015 02:09:25 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Build fbtft drivers for Linux 4.4 on BeagleBone Black* )
    Build fbtft drivers for Linux 4.4 kernel so that BeagleBone Black can use TFT LCD connected via SPI as Framebuffer1449019725000Wed Dec 02 2015 01:28:45 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Build fbtft drivers for TI Linux 4.1 kernel* )
    Build fbtft drivers for TI Linux 4.1 kernel so that BeagleBone Black can use TFT LCD connected via SPI as Framebuffer1449019579000Wed Dec 02 2015 01:26:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Black: build fbtft drivers for latest Linux 3.8 kernel* )
    Use small TFT LCDs displays as Linux framebuffer on BeagleBone Black using fbtft drivers for Linux 3.8 kernel1449019312000Wed Dec 02 2015 01:21:52 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Gauging Wireless AP Stability with a BeagleBone Black* )
    Build a WiFi Access Point tester with an LED status indicator1448913019000Mon Nov 30 2015 19:50:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    MIMO Smart Baby Monitor* )
    Connect BeagleBone to a MIMO Smart Baby Monitor using Bluetooth Low Energy1448912506000Mon Nov 30 2015 19:41:46 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Upgrading a CNC plasma cutting machine* )
    Improving safety and implementing basic motion control with a BeagleBone Black1448908643000Mon Nov 30 2015 18:37:23 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    The BeagleBone Black Primer* )
    Great introductory book to BeagleBone Black!1448624775000Fri Nov 27 2015 11:46:15 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Black LCDs with Prebuilt FBTFT drivers* )
    Use small TFT LCDs displays as Linux framebuffer on BeagleBone Black using pre-built fbtft drivers for Linux 3.8.13-bone501447919671000Thu Nov 19 2015 07:54:31 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    OpenCV DSP Acceleration* )
    This project aims to accelerate some of the low-level OpenCV libraries using the on-chip DSP C64x+ found on popular mobile processors like OMAP35x. Beagleboard, which house OMAP3530, will be used to demonstrate the functionality of accelerated libraries.1447344459000Thu Nov 12 2015 16:07:39 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Debian* )
    Official Debian build shipped with BeagleBone Black as well as Debian for BeagleBoard, BeagleBoard-xM and BeagleBone1446565985000Tue Nov 03 2015 15:53:05 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    AWS IoT* )
    Cloud Services for Connected Devices1446530098000Tue Nov 03 2015 05:54:58 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Autodesk Ember* )
    The Ember 3D printer - High resolution. High performance. Precisely right for business.1446529213000Tue Nov 03 2015 05:40:13 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    MeaProcess for Beaglebone* )
    Measurement and Automation meets Beaglebone1446068731000Wed Oct 28 2015 21:45:31 GMT-0000 (UTC);demo;bbblack;dev
    Beaglebone Black 3D Printable Portable Lab* )
    A portable project case that you can put in your bag and take with you.1444999671000Fri Oct 16 2015 12:47:51 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBoard-X15* )
    Rewarding those who pay attention to the Project pages by pointing them to the next-generation, high-end BeagleBoard1444824878000Wed Oct 14 2015 12:14:38 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT* )
    helps businesses get started on their IoT projects quickly by connecting them with an ecosystem of partners that have offerings that can easily connect to the Azure IoT Suite1443553534000Tue Sep 29 2015 19:05:34 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleLogic* )
    A Logic Analyzer framework for the BeagleBone Black1442608196000Fri Sep 18 2015 20:29:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    LedGames* )
    a BeagleBone Black 64x64 LED Game -
    Retro gaming to the extreme, with 64x64 resolution!
    1441300866000Thu Sep 03 2015 17:21:06 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    The wiringBone library* )
    Wiring/Arduino style library for BeagleBone Black Platform1438703283000Tue Aug 04 2015 15:48:03 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Black - Reference Design source data for PADS* )
    BeagleBone Black - Reference Design source data for PADS PCB1437753299000Fri Jul 24 2015 15:54:59 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Adafruit BBB Case* )
    Enclosure for BeagleBone Black1437634709000Thu Jul 23 2015 06:58:29 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    1593HAMBONEBK* )
    Affordable plastic BeagleBone Black enclosure1437634405000Thu Jul 23 2015 06:53:25 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    bb100* )
    Logic Supply bb100 1437634128000Thu Jul 23 2015 06:48:48 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Clear Plastic Enclosure* )
    Clear plastic BeagleBone Black enclosure available from Sparkfun.1437633501000Thu Jul 23 2015 06:38:21 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Heatsink Enclosure* )
    BeagleBone Black Heatsink Enclosure1437633251000Thu Jul 23 2015 06:34:11 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    ps1rfid* )
    Golang RFID authentication for ps1auth1437632227000Thu Jul 23 2015 06:17:07 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Hitaltech 4M Modulbox* )
    DIN Rail mounting enclosure for BeagleBone Black1437630222000Thu Jul 23 2015 05:43:42 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    uniBBB* )
    Unibody Aluminum Case for BeagleBone Black being sold by Adafruit1437629193000Thu Jul 23 2015 05:26:33 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Anidees BeagleBone Black case* )
    Aluminum case for BeagleBone Black on sale from Adafruit1437628986000Thu Jul 23 2015 05:23:06 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    PocketNC* )
    Desktop 5 axis CNC mill1437618895000Thu Jul 23 2015 02:34:55 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Jilia IoT Development Kit* )
    Jilia is a cloud-based platform and API framework that empowers developers to imagine, build, and expand the Internet of Things with a single, simple API framework. It's the easiest way to get started exploring and developing the Internet of Things. It's also the perfect platform to build new IoT products and Jilia has the scalability to support millions of users and devices.1437617805000Thu Jul 23 2015 02:16:45 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BBB MikroBus Cape EEProm Binary File Generator
    MikroElektronika mikroBus Cape1437533705000Wed Jul 22 2015 02:55:05 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    3D Printed Accessories for Beaglebone Black* )
    Locally manufactured 3D printed Accessories through 3D Hubs. 1437411708000Mon Jul 20 2015 17:01:48 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    J'ai l'inux* )
    Open Source Distribution for Open Hardware1437210632000Sat Jul 18 2015 09:10:32 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Podtique* )
    Antique Podcast Player1436992417000Wed Jul 15 2015 20:33:37 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    MikroElectronica mikroBUS Cape* )
    One cape to rule them all!

    Four adaptable click interfaces on one cape. Over 130 click boards available to pick and mix, and more clicks coming every week.
    1435178838000Wed Jun 24 2015 20:47:18 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    MachineKit * )
    SD card images to run LinuxCNC on the BeagleBone using a Xenomai real-time kernel --- great for CNC mills and 3D printers supporting stepper motor control using a number of cape add-on boards1433514893000Fri Jun 05 2015 14:34:53 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Embedded Cloud computing and Security
    Embedded Cloud hosting and distributed computing 1428163129000Sat Apr 04 2015 15:58:49 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    openSUSE on BeagleBone Black* )
    openSUSE linux distribution on BeagleBone Black1428051264000Fri Apr 03 2015 08:54:24 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    EVB* )
    Replace the brain in your LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 with a BeagleBone Black.1427695678000Mon Mar 30 2015 06:07:58 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    PixHawk Fire Cape: Linux drones with the BeagleBone Black* )
    the PixHawk Fire cape board allows to build BBB-based drones through.1427695482000Mon Mar 30 2015 06:04:42 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeaglePin* )
    Android, Python, Linux1427429036000Fri Mar 27 2015 04:03:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    gnupru* )
    GCC and Binutils backends for PRUSS1427404017000Thu Mar 26 2015 21:06:57 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Erle-Brain* )
    A brain for creating drones based on the BeagleBone Black1427056278000Sun Mar 22 2015 20:31:18 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Automated Tubular Music Thingy* )
    It ain't going to play itself... oh wait, it is.1426627889000Tue Mar 17 2015 21:31:29 GMT-0000 (UTC);bbblack;
    chicken coop door* )
    keep those birdies safe1426627299000Tue Mar 17 2015 21:21:39 GMT-0000 (UTC);demo;bbblack;
    BeagleBoard-xM based Robotic Camera Operator* )
    A BeagleBoard-xM robotic camera platform that can track vehicles at over 30MPH.1426608930000Tue Mar 17 2015 16:15:30 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Artificial Intelligent Humanoid* )
    Beagleboard xm, Tm4c1294xm , msp430 , Artificial intelligence 1426300878000Sat Mar 14 2015 02:41:18 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    FastBot BBP* )
    Making 3D printing faster - 3D printer controller board derived from BeagleBone Black1426015377000Tue Mar 10 2015 19:22:57 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Electric Fan System using KINECT sensor and Beagleboard-xm* )
    #angstrom #kinect #servo #motor #fan #beagleboardxm1426002528000Tue Mar 10 2015 15:48:48 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Photography By Automated Under Water Robot* )
    Under Water, Marine Photography, Marine Environment Study1426000334000Tue Mar 10 2015 15:12:14 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Data Concentrator Reference Design* )
    Texas Instruments (TI) Data Concentrator Cape reference design for BeagleBone Black1425996490000Tue Mar 10 2015 14:08:10 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Zigbee Home Automation Gateway* )
    Texas Instruments (TI) ZigBee Home Automation Gateway reference design1425996468000Tue Mar 10 2015 14:07:48 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    beaglebone feet* )
    beaglebone feet offset1425592984000Thu Mar 05 2015 22:03:04 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    WRX* )
    BeagleBone Black SDR cape: software-defined receiver (0-30 MHz), web-controlled, ADC + FPGA + GPS1424718102000Mon Feb 23 2015 19:01:42 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Learning BeagleBone* )
    documentation;devbbblack;bbone;beginner1424348231000Thu Feb 19 2015 12:17:11 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BLACKlink* )
    Simulink library for the BeagleBone Black1423860084000Fri Feb 13 2015 20:41:24 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beaglebone Black – Mobile Streaming GPS* )
    Make your BeagleBone Black GPS mobile while streaming your location, speed, and altitude data.1423846081000Fri Feb 13 2015 16:48:01 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    EScape* )
    External Signal Cape - protecting Your vulnerable BBB IO-Ports by level-conversion and protection elements.1423576613000Tue Feb 10 2015 13:56:53 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    FSL3D SLA Printer* )
    Pegasus Touch SLA Printer1423504500000Mon Feb 09 2015 17:55:00 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    SoilAnalyzer* )
    a small portable lab, with which you can analyze Soil Sample in the field. It will give you results on Particle Size Distribution (PSD), Shape classification and color (in CIE Lab and Redness Index colorspace). The analyse is performed on a Beaglebone Black with a USB Microscope1421516111000Sat Jan 17 2015 17:35:11 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    ViFFF-024 camera for Beagleboard XM* )
    Beagleboard XM, camera, low light CMOS sensor, OpenCV, machine vision, plug and play, Angstrom Linux Distribution,1419624369000Fri Dec 26 2014 20:06:09 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    OpenSprinkler Beagle (OSBo)* )
    Open-source Sprinkler Extension Board for the BeagleBone Black1419264252000Mon Dec 22 2014 16:04:12 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Pick and Paste* )
    A desktop electronic pick and place machine with a solder paste extrusion system to streamline circuit fabrication built on top of LinuxCNC1418534323000Sun Dec 14 2014 05:18:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Open qPCR* )
    Turning DNA into Data1418532803000Sun Dec 14 2014 04:53:23 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BotSpeak* )
    BotSpeak is a simple language for microprocessors using a small virtual machine and talking to National Instruments LabVIEW as a host language1417561410000Tue Dec 02 2014 23:03:30 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Mono/C# on Beaglebone Black with remote debugging* )
    How to install Mono/C# on the Beaglebone Black and implement a remote compilation and debugging toolchain.1417100433000Thu Nov 27 2014 15:00:33 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Solar SUN Tracker* )
    Beagle Bone based sun tracker1416949198000Tue Nov 25 2014 20:59:58 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    GamingCape* )
    Transforms your BeagleBone into a full fledged hand-held gaming console for $991416948395000Tue Nov 25 2014 20:46:35 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Embedded Coder* )
    MathWorks support for BeagleBone Black1416948311000Tue Nov 25 2014 20:45:11 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    stantor_BBB_v01* )
    Home automation software on BeagleBone Black, HTML5-Websocket, Webcam, email.1416947268000Tue Nov 25 2014 20:27:48 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Wearable device using the Beagle Bone boards* )
    Wearable computer based on the Beagle Bone.1416946779000Tue Nov 25 2014 20:19:39 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    ybeagle10225 [Unhandled Macro: this.category] bbblack;bbone;demo
    Mixing and doseingpump for chemicals* )
    ????1416857889000Mon Nov 24 2014 19:38:09 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Freedombone* )
    Want to give up Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox and other web services which spy on you, censor you or claim ownership of your content? Freedombone is a home internet server configuration for the BeagleBone Black.1416771190000Sun Nov 23 2014 19:33:10 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Linux-OMAP Kernel* )
    Linux patches for most TI OMAP processors, such as
    730, 1510, 1610, 5912, 1710 2420, 2430, 3430 and 3450.
    1416595568000Fri Nov 21 2014 18:46:08 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone LinuxCNC starter kit* )
    Beaglebone LinuxCNC starterkit: ready-to-run SD card image1416583844000Fri Nov 21 2014 15:30:44 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Cookbook* )
    Recipe book for BeagleBone Black illustrating how to connect sensors, displays, motors and more to the Internet and even build your own cape.1416583231000Fri Nov 21 2014 15:20:31 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    SPI-based 10/100 Ethernet* )
    Add 10/100 Ethernet connectivity to the Beagle Board.1416583019000Fri Nov 21 2014 15:16:59 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Linaro Android Evaluation Builds* )
    Linaro provides pre-built evaluation builds of Android for the BeagleBoard1416582710000Fri Nov 21 2014 15:11:50 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Linaro Ubuntu Evaluation Builds* )
    Linaro provides pre-built evaluation builds of Ubuntu for the BeagleBoard1416582642000Fri Nov 21 2014 15:10:42 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    virtual tracker* )
    virtual tracking system is useful to protect device from theft etc and in emergency situation's and is for android devices

    1416582551000Fri Nov 21 2014 15:09:11 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    CylonJS* )
    JavaScript Robotics, By Your Command - Next generation robotics framework1416581758000Fri Nov 21 2014 14:55:58 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    iomotix* )
    remote GPIO and hardware IoT framework1416348382000Tue Nov 18 2014 22:06:22 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Teensy Video Wall* )
    Write-up and software to build Paul's video wall as shown at Maker Faire Bay Area 20131416338611000Tue Nov 18 2014 19:23:31 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BBConsole - Bluetooth 4.0 Console Adapter for BeagleBone Black * )
    Bluetooth 4.0 Console Adapter for BeagleBone Black 1416326291000Tue Nov 18 2014 15:58:11 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Yocto Project* )
    It's not an embedded Linux distribution – it creates a custom one for you1416322567000Tue Nov 18 2014 14:56:07 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    VisualGDB* )
    development1416258476000Mon Nov 17 2014 21:07:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleStache* )
    OpenCV-based face detection sample with added mustache1415832294000Wed Nov 12 2014 22:44:54 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    PRU Cape* )
    TI PRU Cape and associated SDK can help you get started with real-time programming using the 2 32-bit 200MHz PRUs quickly and for only about $391415285453000Thu Nov 06 2014 14:50:53 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    easyBlack C++ Library* )
    (Arduino Style) Beaglebone Black C++ Library for GPIO using high performance of mmap.1415119603000Tue Nov 04 2014 16:46:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    LOGI BONE FPGA Development Board* )
    FPGA Development Board1414709555000Thu Oct 30 2014 22:52:35 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Lasersaur* )
    The open-source laser cutter for makers and builders.1414706360000Thu Oct 30 2014 21:59:20 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    TI Embedded Speech Recognizer* )
    Fixed-point speech recognizer written in C++ and C with demos on ARM processors.1414701756000Thu Oct 30 2014 20:42:36 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    TIesr* )
    TI Embedded Speech Recognizer (TIesr) is a fixed-point recognizer written in C++ and C1414701657000Thu Oct 30 2014 20:40:57 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    libpruio-0.2 (fast and easy D/A - I/O)* )
    Fast and easy digital input/output and analog input for Beaglebone hardware with PRU subsystem.1414398311000Mon Oct 27 2014 08:25:11 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Setup C/C++ Cross Development under windows using Eclipse, Cross GCC, RSE, Linaro and GnuMake* )
    GCC Cross Compiler for Beaglebone on Windows 1414254736000Sat Oct 25 2014 16:32:16 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Datalogger, comunicaciones redundantes y repetidor de señal.1414244555000Sat Oct 25 2014 13:42:35 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Dart* )
    Powering the Internet of Things with Dart, BeagleBone and Debian1413696122000Sun Oct 19 2014 05:22:02 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    PRU-ICSS resources* )
    Getting started information for BeagleBone PRUs1412621570000Mon Oct 06 2014 18:52:50 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Tor Relay and Bridge* )
    Use the BeagleBone to help protect privacy an anonymity online as a Tor relay or bridge.1412105712000Tue Sep 30 2014 19:35:12 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BBBAndroid* )
    A customized port of Android KitKat for the BeagleBone Black1411947065000Sun Sep 28 2014 23:31:05 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Southeast Michigan BeagleBone Users Group* )
    Don't BeagleBone alone, come join us at i3 Detroit or one of the other places we have meetups1411744377000Fri Sep 26 2014 15:12:57 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Trade Show Presentations* )
    This is a place to store links to the presentations given at various shows like Maker Faire, ESC/DesignEast/DesignWest and other shows attends.1411737153000Fri Sep 26 2014 13:12:33 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    The Deck Penetration Testing and Forensics Platform* )
    The Deck is a full featured penetration testing and forensics Linux distro based on Ubuntu. It runs on the BeagleBoard-xM and BeagleBone. There is a related book as well called "Hacking and Penetration Testing with Low Power Devices".1411487061000Tue Sep 23 2014 15:44:21 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Kali Linux* )
    "The most advanced and versatile penetration testing distribution ever created"1410913105000Wed Sep 17 2014 00:18:25 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    PRdUino* )
    This is a port of the Energia platform based on the Arduino framework allowing you to use Arduino software libraries on PRU.1410901099000Tue Sep 16 2014 20:58:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Open Enea Linux* )
    Open Enea Linux - An embedded Linux distribution and ecosystem based on the Yocto project1410886971000Tue Sep 16 2014 17:02:51 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Distributed Temperature using Lua and DDS* )
    Publish the temperature data over DDS and make it available to anyone with a smartphone. 1410816699000Mon Sep 15 2014 21:31:39 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Porting Plan 9 OS to Beagle Board* )
    Plan 9 is a distributed operating system developed by bell labs which proposes interesting ideas ( ).The goal is to port it to the beagle board and possibly adding bluetooth driver to plan 9.1410816562000Mon Sep 15 2014 21:29:22 GMT-0000 (UTC);bboard;demo
    Portable Bioinformatics Tool* )
    Used for Next Generation Sequencing.1410816250000Mon Sep 15 2014 21:24:10 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    High Performance C++ API* )
    BeagleBone Black GPIO, SPI and I2C API using high performance mmap.1410816068000Mon Sep 15 2014 21:21:08 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Node-RED* )
    A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things1410532962000Fri Sep 12 2014 14:42:42 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone with SensorTag* )
    Connect at TI SensorTag to IBM Internet of Things Cloud1410532496000Fri Sep 12 2014 14:34:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    stantor_BBB_v04* )
    Demonstrator for home automation with smartphones, Tablets and PCs, for M2M, Internet_of_Things. With html5, websockets, video, real-time 24/24h. Under Debian or Angstrom Linux distribution.1409562973000Mon Sep 01 2014 09:16:13 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Black I2C Library* )
    BeagleBone Black I2C1409224820000Thu Aug 28 2014 11:20:20 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    PyBBIO* )
    Python library for hardware IO support on BeagleBone1409060683000Tue Aug 26 2014 13:44:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    REST Web Services with Javascript on the BeagleBone Black* )
    This blog post shows how I created a simple REST based Web Service using Javascript/Bonescrip and Restify. 1409005937000Mon Aug 25 2014 22:32:17 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Octoscroller and LEDscape* )
    Message alert polygon featuring eight 16x32 RGB LED matrix panels and PRU library for feeding graphics and video to those panels---also a cape design1408750022000Fri Aug 22 2014 23:27:02 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    ShieldI/O Cape* )
    Use Arduino shields with your BeagleBone or BeagleBone Black1408718854000Fri Aug 22 2014 14:47:34 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    stantor_BBB_v03_1* )
    Demonstrator for home automation with smartphones, Tablets and PC, for M2M, Internet_of_Things. With html5, websockets video, real-time 24/24h. 1408303243000Sun Aug 17 2014 19:20:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Network Multitool* )
    Lightweight, X11-free, networking-centric, IPv6-ready, buildroot-based server distribution targeting the BeagleBone platform1408298415000Sun Aug 17 2014 18:00:15 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Windows Embedded Board Support Package for BeagleBone* )
    Support for Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Windows Embedded Compact 2013 running on BeagleBone White and BeagleBone Black1408296857000Sun Aug 17 2014 17:34:17 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Asterisk* )
    Asterisk is a free and open source framework for building communications applications1408294804000Sun Aug 17 2014 17:00:04 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    libbulldog* )
    Java API for the Beaglebone Black1408180774000Sat Aug 16 2014 09:19:34 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleSNES* )
    BeagleSNES turns the BeagleBoard-xM into an embedded Linux-based appliance that is capable of playing Super Nintendo game titles.1408117496000Fri Aug 15 2014 15:44:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Minix3 Support* )
    Porting Minix3 ( to BeagleBoard/BeagleBone & developing necessary drivers. Minix3 is a highly reliable operating system that has now used BeagleBoard to add some support for ARM. 1408117407000Fri Aug 15 2014 15:43:27 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Black 0.96" OLED Display* )
    BeagleBone Black 0.96" OLED Display 128x64 pixels1408033755000Thu Aug 14 2014 16:29:15 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BBB-GVS - A GVS Cape for the Beaglebone Black* )
    GVS Card1407461820000Fri Aug 08 2014 01:37:00 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    douglasgilliland11500cape;bbblack;* )
    BeagleBoard Helma-based website for collaboration1407349463000Wed Aug 06 2014 18:24:23 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Internet Speedometer* )
    This Make Magazine weekend project uses LED strips from Radio Shack to indicate the speed of your Internet connection. Uses the PRUSS to drive the LEDs.1406918396000Fri Aug 01 2014 18:39:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Oracle JDK* )
    Oracle Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) including the Java Development Kit (JDK) and JavaFX for ARM1406901374000Fri Aug 01 2014 13:56:14 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beaglebone Based Pill Reminder
    In Service of All1406537206000Mon Jul 28 2014 08:46:46 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Brew Chamber Controller* )
    A series of blog posts discussing design of a controller for a beer brewing chamber. (Work in progress)1406381871000Sat Jul 26 2014 13:37:51 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    My First Working Robot, It's Alive* )
    This project documents how I created my first working robot with the BeagleBone Black. 1405818883000Sun Jul 20 2014 01:14:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Tracking cape for BeagleBone* )
    BeagleBone with tracking capabilities.1405705495000Fri Jul 18 2014 17:44:55 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    OpenVLC - A platform for Visible Light Communication* )
    Lower the barriers of entry to VLC research 1405588275000Thu Jul 17 2014 09:11:15 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Black: TI eQEP demo with rotary encoder* )
    BeagleBone Black: read rotary encoder position using built-in TI eQEP hardware module 1405191038000Sat Jul 12 2014 18:50:38 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Android Remote Display* )
    Android based remote display for BeagleBone over USB interface.1404451090000Fri Jul 04 2014 05:18:10 GMT-0000 (UTC);bbblack;bbone;bbxm;bboard;dev
    stantor_BBB_v03* )
    home automation, domotic, html5, websocket, video, real-time1404373074000Thu Jul 03 2014 07:37:54 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeaglePilot* )
    An autopilot for Linux-based computers based on the BeagleBone (Black).1403718466000Wed Jun 25 2014 17:47:46 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    LightZord - The Father Day's Robot* )
    This is the robot that my daughter's and I made for Father's day. We also bought a second BeagleBone with a 4D 7.0" LCD Cape to make a remote controller.1403453025000Sun Jun 22 2014 16:03:45 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Boris* )
    3D model of Boris Houndleroy, the mascot1402414789000Tue Jun 10 2014 15:39:49 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    RTEMS* )
    real-time executive (RTOS)1401724663000Mon Jun 02 2014 15:57:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    CryptoCape* )
    Extend the cryptographic capabilities of the BeagleBone Black with hardware key isolation for RSA, ECC, SHA-2, a RTC, and user-customizable crypto libraries.1401425186000Fri May 30 2014 04:46:26 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Ångström Distribution* )
    Linux distribution tailored for embedded devices and shipped with the BeagleBoard-xM and BeagleBone1401384639000Thu May 29 2014 17:30:39 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    artoo* )
    Ruby and Robots together - next generation robotics framework1401375388000Thu May 29 2014 14:56:28 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    gobot* )
    Golang Powered Robotics - Next generation robotics framework1401374963000Thu May 29 2014 14:49:23 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Chromium OS* )
    Chromium OS is an open-source project that aims to build an operating system that provides a fast, simple, and more secure computing experience for people who spend most of their time on the web.1400757336000Thu May 22 2014 11:15:36 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    A/V streaming
    Audio Video Streaming1400743079000Thu May 22 2014 07:17:59 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Das U-Boot Bootloader* )
    Maintain U-Boot for BeagleBoard and BeagleBone. Fix bugs, integrate new features and support mainline.1400615070000Tue May 20 2014 19:44:30 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Bacon Cape* )
    Training cape to learn to do basic BeagleBone I/O, digital in/out, analog in, PWM out, shift register out and I2C1398988431000Thu May 01 2014 23:53:51 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Smalltalk* )
    Doing some basic tasks with Squeak Smalltalk virtual machine on BeagleBone1398986700000Thu May 01 2014 23:25:00 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BlackLib C++ Library* )
    Beaglebone Black C++ Library for GPIO, ADC and PWM1398805575000Tue Apr 29 2014 21:06:15 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeaglePhone* )
    BeaglePhone1398801134000Tue Apr 29 2014 19:52:14 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    CrashPlan on BeagleBone (Robust Data Backup Solution)* )
    Tutorial of how to get CrashPlan, a robust personal and enterprise level data backup solution running on the BeagleBone. 1398797559000Tue Apr 29 2014 18:52:39 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Omek Beckon™ SDK 2.4 BeagleBoard-xM Edition* )
    The Omek Interactive Beckon™ Development Suite is a full-featured set of middleware and tools that enables you to quickly and efficiently deploy gesture recognition and full body tracking in your applications.
    1398797301000Tue Apr 29 2014 18:48:21 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    meta-beagleboard fork* )
    BSP fork with custom kernel and other mods for BBB1397756669000Thu Apr 17 2014 17:44:29 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Snoopy Copter* )
    The flying Beagle!1397679889000Wed Apr 16 2014 20:24:49 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    FreeRTOS* )
    FreeRTOS port for BeagleBoard/OMAP35301397575417000Tue Apr 15 2014 15:23:37 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    The Doghouse Cape* )
    The Electronics of Information | The cape that lets you measure your environment without having to worry about the weather.1397524159000Tue Apr 15 2014 01:09:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Flying Bone* )
    Development platform for capes1397517081000Mon Apr 14 2014 23:11:21 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Black: plot analog sensor on Adafruit bi-color LED matrix* )
    Plot the readings from a sensor over time on the matrix with different colors representing the magnitude of the reading1397262778000Sat Apr 12 2014 00:32:58 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Developing Station* )
    Stand Alone Developing Station, aimed to Develop your project faster and better without needing a Laptop, VNC, ethernet cables etc... I'm reusing a old HP netbook LCD to create an All-In-One solution for prototyping on the fly1396906478000Mon Apr 07 2014 21:34:38 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Traffic light controller
    controller1396644503000Fri Apr 04 2014 20:48:23 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Streaming video beaglebone black* )
    Streaming video BBB1396535920000Thu Apr 03 2014 14:38:40 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beaglebone 5* )
    5" LCD cape with capacitive touchscreen for beaglebone / beaglebone black1396535561000Thu Apr 03 2014 14:32:41 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Ninja Blocks* )
    Sense and control your environment with open hardware Ninja Blocks!1396534279000Thu Apr 03 2014 14:11:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BoneScript* )
    Physical computing library in JavaScript for Node.JS and the browser1396534112000Thu Apr 03 2014 14:08:32 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    JavaScript Tricks* )
    A collection of BoneScript tricks as presented by Jason Kridner at various conferences.1396451479000Wed Apr 02 2014 15:11:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Novus Robotics Cape* )
    The Novus Robotics Cape from Strawson Design in partnership with UCSD has Open Source Libraries, Sample Code, and detailed documentation to facilitate developers that want to get their projects working quickly.1396376618000Tue Apr 01 2014 18:23:38 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    OpenRTDynamics* )
    A framework for signal processing and real-time control. Port to Beagleboard / bone1396336626000Tue Apr 01 2014 07:17:06 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    space1396140774000Sun Mar 30 2014 00:52:54 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeadaFrame LCD touchscreen* )
    7" TFT LCD Screen with a resistive touch screen for BeagleBoard, BeagleBoard xM, BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black Board. A plastic(ABS) frame will be included also to contain the screen and touch for easy mounting.1396129677000Sat Mar 29 2014 21:47:57 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Fedora* )
    Fedora is a fast, stable, and powerful operating system for everyday use built by a worldwide community of friends. It's completely free to use, study, and share.1395954591000Thu Mar 27 2014 21:09:51 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    FreeBSD port to the BeagleBoard* )
    Aims at porting FreeBSD to the BeagleBoard1395945467000Thu Mar 27 2014 18:37:47 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    freebsd* )
    FreeBSD on BeagleBone1395945146000Thu Mar 27 2014 18:32:26 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    ArchMobile* )
    ArchMobile is a ArchLinux ARM Port1395926543000Thu Mar 27 2014 13:22:23 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    TI Sitara Starterware* )
    Hardware interface libraries for use in an RTOS or no-OS environment1395926250000Thu Mar 27 2014 13:17:30 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Sitara Linux SDK* )
    TI Sitara ARM Linux software development kit (AMSDK)1395926145000Thu Mar 27 2014 13:15:45 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    RISC OS for BeagleBoard* )
    A port of the shared-source RISC OS to the new ARM Cortex-A8 based processors.1395891408000Thu Mar 27 2014 03:36:48 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Sitara Android SDK* )
    This is the official TI Android Developer Kit for Sitara embedded processors and includes support for the BeagleBoard-xM and BeagleBone.1395891173000Thu Mar 27 2014 03:32:53 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    QNX Neutrino RTOS on OMAP and Sitara* )
    QNX Software Systems, Neutrino RTOS and Aviage Middleware for OMAP35x, DM37x and AM335x is now available, along with reference designs and demos for QNX CAR, Automotive Infotainment, Digital Instrument Clusters and Smart Energy In Home Display.1395890909000Thu Mar 27 2014 03:28:29 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBoy* )
    This project is an entry in the Texas Instruments Intern Design Challenge 2013. It is a cape for the BeagleBone Black which turns the BBB into a handheld gaming console with the addition of an LCD cape stacked on top or a controller when connected to an HDMI monitor. 1395888863000Thu Mar 27 2014 02:54:23 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Autonomous Solar Car* )
    This project is an entry in the Texas Instruments Intern Design Challenge 2013. It is a cape for the BeagleBone to create a autonomous solar powered car.1395888582000Thu Mar 27 2014 02:49:42 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Replicape Plus* )
    A Motion controller Cape for the BeagleBoneBlack.
    Based on the replicape by Elias Bakken. This is a modified design the Plus Sizes the number of steppers, the mosfets power supplies and allows thermocouple connections.

    The Cape allows interchangable or replacement parts for anything that may blow.

    Now includes an onboard 4-port USB hub.
    1395888307000Thu Mar 27 2014 02:45:07 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Ubuntu* )
    Ubuntu's ARM port for BeagleBoard, BeagleBoard-xM and BeagleBone1395888089000Thu Mar 27 2014 02:41:29 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleDrone IMU Cape* )
    IMU cape for BeagleBone that provides power regulation, sensors, servo control, and the IO necessary to connect optional external modules such as GPS, current sensors, radio telemetry link, etc. with near-term software plan to port the Paparazzi auto-pilot1395862444000Wed Mar 26 2014 19:34:04 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Bone Black RF Experimentation Cape* )
    Simple, low cost, SDR and RF instrumentation boards1395861900000Wed Mar 26 2014 19:25:00 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BBB & BB Dual Micro-stepping Motor Controller Cape* )
    Micro-stepping can cure many problems that have always plagued standard stepping motors for years. Problems like stalling, step oscillations, rough operation, and many unexplainable stepping motor problems.1395861783000Wed Mar 26 2014 19:23:03 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Bone Tagzzz* )
    Bone Tagzzz is an RFID cape for beagle bone black with Bluetooth Low Energy support for use as a smart, connected RFID sensor.1395861601000Wed Mar 26 2014 19:20:01 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) interface to BeagleBone Black
    Asterisk and FreePBX
    1395861404000Wed Mar 26 2014 19:16:44 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    T-bone motion control cape* )
    T-Bone is an opensource project for 3D printers and similar applications. Easy and powerful control for stepper motors and other related actuators.1395849095000Wed Mar 26 2014 15:51:35 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    PowerBar* )
    A BeagleBone power supply "micro cape".1395848840000Wed Mar 26 2014 15:47:20 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Official Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSP for BeagleBoard-XM* )
    Complete Windows Embedded Compact 7 reference BSP for BeagleBoard XM, developed by Microsoft Gold Partner Adeneo Embedded1395848709000Wed Mar 26 2014 15:45:09 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Gentoo Linux on the Beaglebone* )
    Official Gentoo Linux's port to the Beaglebone1395847063000Wed Mar 26 2014 15:17:43 GMT-0000 (UTC);bbblack;bbone;complete
    Programming the BeagleBone Black* )
    Getting Started with JavaScript and BoneScript (book)1395779695000Tue Mar 25 2014 20:34:55 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Robotic Projects* )
    Create complex and exciting robotic projects with the BeagleBone Black (book)1395779516000Tue Mar 25 2014 20:31:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Rapid BeagleBoard Prototyping with Matlab and Simulink* )
    Leverage the power of BeagleBoard to develop and deploy practical embedded projects (book)1395779460000Tue Mar 25 2014 20:31:00 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Home Automation* )
    Live your sophisticated dream with home automation using BeagleBone (book)1395779308000Tue Mar 25 2014 20:28:28 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Getting Started with BeagleBone* )
    Linux-Powered Electronic Projects With Python and JavaScript (book)1395779267000Tue Mar 25 2014 20:27:47 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Bad to the Bone* )
    Crafting Electronics Systems with BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black (book)1395779230000Tue Mar 25 2014 20:27:10 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Building a Home Security System with BeagleBone* )
    BeagleBone has all the computing power you need to build yourself an extremely sophisticated access control, alarm panel, and home automation and network intrusion-detection system (book)1395779047000Tue Mar 25 2014 20:24:07 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    SensorCape* )
    Add powerful sensors to your next project! What will you make next? The SensorCape adds a crazy amount of sensors to your BeagleBone or BeagleBone Black. Combine the versatility of these sensors with the power of the BeagleBone to make something innovative.1395775680000Tue Mar 25 2014 19:28:00 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    IIO, ADC, PMIC, LCD debug/patchwork* )
    The IIO ADC driver for the Beaglebone does not add /sysfs entries and the /dev/iio:deviceX entries are slightly broken. This project will involve patchwork for the ADC drivers. After that, an hwmon driver will be developed for power measurement using the 7th ADC channel connected to the shunt register. Community members report touch screen drivers clashing with the free ADC channels. This will be investigated and fixed. These drivers,fixes and associated test applications will greatly help new comers and userspace application programmers to easily access the ADC on the beaglebone. PWM driver has a hack for adding sysfs entries.
    Clean sysfs support for the PWM driver api will be written if time permits.
    1395770399000Tue Mar 25 2014 17:59:59 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBoneBlack Android Based Boot System* )
    The project aims to provide a way to ROM boot the BeagleBone Black and the normal Bone over USB from an Android device.1395770284000Tue Mar 25 2014 17:58:04 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Arduino-like userspace libraries for the Beagle* )
    Almost everyone in the embedded community is familiar with the Arduino development environment. Creating the Arduino libraries for userspace could offer significant reduction in the development time of projects on the Beaglebone involving interfacing with external peripherals, with the added advantage of running other userspace applications side-by-side.1395767805000Tue Mar 25 2014 17:16:45 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle-ROS* )
    Integration of the Robot Operative System (ROS) and the BeagleBone.1395767695000Tue Mar 25 2014 17:14:55 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Minix I2C Drivers for the BeagleBone Black * )
    The project is to develop a generic I2C driver subsystem for Minix, and then use it to write drivers for I2C devices on the new BeagleBone Black.1395767583000Tue Mar 25 2014 17:13:03 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    PWM driver for Beagle Board* )
    Provide a driver to control the PWM pins found on the OMAP expansion header for Beagle Board. Document this task and archive this code.1395766877000Tue Mar 25 2014 17:01:17 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    FFTW NEON optimizations* )
    FFTW is perhaps one of the most widely used fast Fourier transforms available today1395766759000Tue Mar 25 2014 16:59:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    XBMC* )
    XBMC is a full-featured multimedia center that runs on many current operating systems and platforms1395766565000Tue Mar 25 2014 16:56:05 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Linux Real-Time patch for OMAP processor* )
    This project aims at creating a patch for the omap linux kernel based on the rt patch (RT_PREEMPT). This patch would allow true real-time behavior on hardware platform such as the BeagleBoard.1395765733000Tue Mar 25 2014 16:42:13 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Irrlicht 3D Engine* )
    The Irrlicht Engine is an open source high performance realtime 3D engine written and usable in C++.1395765271000Tue Mar 25 2014 16:34:31 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    DSP ease-of-use and RPC framework with POSIX wrappers* )
    dsp-rpc-posix aims to make life easier while developing for the OMAP3530's DSP (especially the BeagleBoard), by offering a simple compilation script and the ability to use the familiar GPP-side POSIX calls such as printf and scanf for prototyping. The project will build onto the existing C6Run project.1395762629000Tue Mar 25 2014 15:50:29 GMT-0000 (UTC);gsoc;bbxm;bboard;complete
    USB sniffer* )
    The goal of this project is to use the BeagleBoard as an USB sniffer.1395762503000Tue Mar 25 2014 15:48:23 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    USB Scope
    This project uses the BeagleBoard as a USB proxy between any USB device (connected to the EHCI port) and any host computer (connected to the OTG port).1395762351000Tue Mar 25 2014 15:45:51 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    solar power computer based on beagleboard
    light weight portable embedded development system based on beagleboard1395762223000Tue Mar 25 2014 15:43:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Revolt 2405* )
    Game, 3D first person shooter.1395762069000Tue Mar 25 2014 15:41:09 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Apertus Digital Cinema Camera* )
    A digital camera controler for an Elphel open hardware camera. The beagle board will be used as a realtime viewfinder unit and hardware camera control.1395761960000Tue Mar 25 2014 15:39:20 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    omap35x-smp-supercomputing-ulp* )
    A parallel processing hardware platform based on TI OMAP35x1395761869000Tue Mar 25 2014 15:37:49 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    picoFlamingo* )
    A portable presentation system1395761767000Tue Mar 25 2014 15:36:07 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    OMAPZoom Android* )
    Android targeted for the OMAP Zoom and Zoom-2 platforms.1395761346000Tue Mar 25 2014 15:29:06 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Android on TI Sitara processors* )
    Rowboat project enables Android on TI Sitara ARM Cortex-A processors.1395761226000Tue Mar 25 2014 15:27:06 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    GStreamer for DaVinci and OMAP processors* )
    Plugins for GStreamer on DaVinci and OMAP processors using DMAI.1395760467000Tue Mar 25 2014 15:14:27 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Maemo on BeagleBoard* )
    A project to make an environment from the maemo SDK runnable on a BeagleBoard.1395760395000Tue Mar 25 2014 15:13:15 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    James* )
    Just A Miniature Entertainment System1395759778000Tue Mar 25 2014 15:02:58 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    nullDC, A SEGA Dreamcast emulator * )
    A SEGA Dreamcast emulator on the Beagleboard platform.1395759700000Tue Mar 25 2014 15:01:40 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Board E-Ink Platform Driver* )
    Beagle Board E-Ink Framebuffer Platform Driver1395759364000Tue Mar 25 2014 14:56:04 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    MSU ECE480 Senior Design: Home Automation HMI Demo* )
    Use the TI OMAP3 series processor to develop an interactive home automation control panel.1395759186000Tue Mar 25 2014 14:53:06 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Real time images for radar and micro air vehicles* )
    A computer-vision platform for micro air vehicles
    1395759095000Tue Mar 25 2014 14:51:35 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    OMAP U-Boot Utilities* )
    U-Boot Utilities for Texas Instrument's OMAP platforms1395759022000Tue Mar 25 2014 14:50:22 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Mamona On Beagle* )
    Mamona running on Beagle1395758728000Tue Mar 25 2014 14:45:28 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    MUSB gadget support in u-boot for Beagle* )
    Add support for USB gadget in u-boot, so usb serial or other usb classes of u-boot can be used. This enables the use of beagleboard u-boot without need for a serial port, and future USB firmware downloads1395758614000Tue Mar 25 2014 14:43:34 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagledroid* )
    A port of Google's Android OS to BeagleBoard1395758317000Tue Mar 25 2014 14:38:37 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBot - Beagle powered robot* )
    A small experimental robot with Beagle Board as it's heart.1395758238000Tue Mar 25 2014 14:37:18 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Conference System
    This is a project that aims at bringing conferencing into the drawing rooms of users' homes.1395757895000Tue Mar 25 2014 14:31:35 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    OpenOCD OMAP3 JTAG support* )
    Add ARM Cortex-A8 OMAP3 BeagleBoard support to open source OpenOCD JTAG solution1395757849000Tue Mar 25 2014 14:30:49 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    qemu-omap3* )
    Add omap3 emulation support to qemu.1395757791000Tue Mar 25 2014 14:29:51 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    OKL4 LCD Prototype
    GUI Interface for OKL4 on Beagleboard1395757598000Tue Mar 25 2014 14:26:38 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    PIXHAWK MAV Computer Vision* )
    Our project creates a computer-vision platform for micro air vehicles. We are trying to process the camera images in realtime on the helicopter. We will participate with a student team in the upcoming MAV competitions.1395756653000Tue Mar 25 2014 14:10:53 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    pixhawk.myopenid.com14316documentation;library;cape;demo;robotics;bbblack;bbone;bbxm;bboard;dev* )
    Community & projects focused on utilising the BeagleBoard in a vehicle.1395756505000Tue Mar 25 2014 14:08:25 GMT-0000 (UTC);obsolete
    Handhelds Mojo's Ubuntu port on BeagleBoard* )
    Handhelds Mojo's Ubuntu based port for the Beagleboard1395756377000Tue Mar 25 2014 14:06:17 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Nerves* )
    Cross-compiled Erlang for Embedded1395752784000Tue Mar 25 2014 13:06:24 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    FFmpeg* )
    Libraries and command line tool for many audio and video codecs1395712547000Tue Mar 25 2014 01:55:47 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle wiki* )
    Maintain a BeagleBoard developer wiki1395711994000Tue Mar 25 2014 01:46:34 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Serial download* )
    Create and maintain a PC serial download tool to download applications to BeagleBoard.1395711483000Tue Mar 25 2014 01:38:03 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    USB download* )
    Create and maintain a PC USB download tool to download applications to BeagleBoard.1395711350000Tue Mar 25 2014 01:35:50 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Board Documentation Project* )
    Creative Commons textbook regarding the Beagle hardware, software, and collaboration.1395711115000Tue Mar 25 2014 01:31:55 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle SDR* )
    Create an interface between the Beagle Board and the GNU Radio USRP daughterboards.1395709916000Tue Mar 25 2014 01:11:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Windows Embedded for BeagleBoard* )
    Windows Embedded components for BeagleBoard community1395706663000Tue Mar 25 2014 00:17:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Digital Whiteboard
    The main idea of digital Whiteboard is develop a not expensive solution for interaction, drawing, internet browsing or slides presentation for educational purpouses, using a projector, a common whiteboard or flat surface. The beaglebone black will capture the XY cordinates when a Pen is pressed on Whiteboard and draw in realtime. The application could send drawings to cloud service, Mail or save as an image. 1392788451000Wed Feb 19 2014 05:40:51 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Analog digital clock* )
    A digital clock using ammeters for the display1392511231000Sun Feb 16 2014 00:40:31 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    C/C++ cross development for BeagleBone in Windows* )
    Cross-Compile and Remote Deploy from Windows 7 for BeagleBone using Eclipse and a Linaro-gcc Toolchain.1391328326000Sun Feb 02 2014 08:05:26 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    HS USB on Beaglebone Black
    Transferring data at high speed (at least 25 MBytes/s,half the max HS due to some H/W - S/W latencies)from internal eMMC to USB Flash and vice versa in BeagleBone Black.1390953475000Tue Jan 28 2014 23:57:55 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    FreeBASIC Beaglebone Black and Raspberry PI port.* )
    FreeBASIC is a free/open source (GPL), 32/64-bit BASIC compiler for DOS, Windows and Linux. (ubuntu,debian,archlinux,angstrom ...)1390874331000Tue Jan 28 2014 01:58:51 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Motherbone One by APlus Mobile Inc. * )
    MotherBone One is a development platform for complex projects and commercial OEM products using BeagleBone Black.1389828858000Wed Jan 15 2014 23:34:18 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    The WiRe Project* )
    The Android-smartphone universal television remote1388695050000Thu Jan 02 2014 20:37:30 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Phone Controlled Beagle* )
    Using Phone to read/write IOs1388195615000Sat Dec 28 2013 01:53:35 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    first test on openRemote
    first test on openRemote apps and beaglebone1387803160000Mon Dec 23 2013 12:52:40 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Table based data storage and retrieval system
    A table(rows/cloumns) abstraction is created to store data and the bonescript is extended to provide SQL like access.1387798076000Mon Dec 23 2013 11:27:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Land rover for Remote imaging and Robotic sample collection
    The aim of this project is to build an autonomous land rover which will communicate and send streaming images to the base station via wifi dongle. The camera shall be equipped with pan and tilt control through 2 servo motors. The base station upon receiving the remote image will control the Robotic arm having 5 stepper/ servo motors to collect sample pieces.1387792338000Mon Dec 23 2013 09:52:18 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Object Tracking Robot
    A camera installed surveillance robot on-demand of threats1387641096000Sat Dec 21 2013 15:51:36 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Home Energy Monitor
    BeagleBoardXm monitors, reports and logs home furnace and relevant weather data. 1387549507000Fri Dec 20 2013 14:25:07 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    RuneAudio* )
    RuneAudio is a free and open source software that turns embedded hardware into Hi-Fi music players. Take a cheap, silent and low-consumption mini-PC and make it perform as an high fidelity digital source.1387320520000Tue Dec 17 2013 22:48:40 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Volumio* )
    Volumio - Audiophile Music Player for Beagleboard1387297946000Tue Dec 17 2013 16:32:26 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Design of CAN Bus Master & Slave
    implementation of CAN bus for automotive & industrial application.1386930274000Fri Dec 13 2013 10:24:34 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Palm Gesture for TV
    palm gesture based device control device operate your device(TV/AC) by providing different imageas in front of camera1386869900000Thu Dec 12 2013 17:38:20 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beaglebone Black USB Hotplugging* )
    This crowdfunding project aims to solve the Hotplugging problem with the USB host driver on the Texas Instruments AM335x processor on the Beaglebone Black.1386855369000Thu Dec 12 2013 13:36:09 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BBot Robot* )
    Open source, remote-controlled drink serving robot1386797319000Wed Dec 11 2013 21:28:39 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Disorient Pyramid* )
    Burning Man project with a 23-foot tall pyramid with more than half a kilometer of LED strips1386790363000Wed Dec 11 2013 19:32:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Facebook Like Counter* )
    Use Facebook JSON interface to count Likes for a page and update display using a simple bit-bang SPI interface1386790246000Wed Dec 11 2013 19:30:46 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeeDome* )
    A system to control the environment where the bees are kept indoor over the winter.1386787130000Wed Dec 11 2013 18:38:50 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Xen ARM (PV) on BeagleBoneBlack* )
    It is a ported version of Xen ARM(PV) on BeagleBoneBlack1383807628000Thu Nov 07 2013 07:00:28 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Network Traffic Monitoring* )
    Internet Traffic Monitoring Device1381433462000Thu Oct 10 2013 19:31:02 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleQ* )
    BBQ Cooker controller. 1380758676000Thu Oct 03 2013 00:04:36 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    RGB LED Hello World Beagle Bord Project
    Here's a simple start to learning how to use the Node API.
    I picked up a rgb led and some 220 ohm resistors from radio shack. The code is real simple.. and your learn how to use setInterval and clear Interval.
    1379386965000Tue Sep 17 2013 03:02:45 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    The Cosmic Board is a richly featured and community-supported development platform for engineers to immediately develop applications with Linux, WinCE & Android.The Cosmic Board concept is unique from any other community-supported board because it's much more than a low cost hobbyist tool. At the center of the Cosmic Board is an industrial rated, production-ready, System on Module (SOM). By starting with a SOM-based solution, developers are much closer to product than they imagine. It's possible to have first article prototypes ready in weeks, not months! Sounds out of this world, doesn't it?1379323760000Mon Sep 16 2013 09:29:20 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Bottle labeller, rinser, filler and capper* )
    Control system for electronic drive of a label BBE printing, label applying, rinsing, filling and capping of beer bottles with bright or bottle conditioned beer.1378827463000Tue Sep 10 2013 15:37:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    VirtualHere* )
    Turns the beagle into a USB Server1378782516000Tue Sep 10 2013 03:08:36 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    temperature server* )
    combine the analog input of BBB with the built in ethernet connection to produce a server for temperature, as a proof of concept1378565440000Sat Sep 07 2013 14:50:40 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    we need to test he board with all interfaces and also peripherals.1378230400000Tue Sep 03 2013 17:46:40 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Unix Space Sever* )
    A small team of engineers at the US Naval Academy is building a satellite with a Linux BeagleBoard-xM server inside. 1378163046000Mon Sep 02 2013 23:04:06 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Sky Drone FPV: Long Range Digital HD Video FPV Solution* )
    Sky Drone, a Hong Kong based start-up, has developed a revolutionary new way of transferring FPV video. Utilizing 3G and 4G/LTE networks, Sky Drone FPV is the world's first and only full HD Digital FPV video solution for consumers. The Sky Drone FPV groundstation software automatically adapts video transmission frame by frame to the available bandwidth, ensuring minimal latency. With the Sky Drone FPV groundstation app, users can receive real-time HD FPV video straight on their own Smartphone or Tablet.

    Users have the option to connect the Sky Drone FPV hardware to a MAVLink compatible Autopilot Board like 3D Robotics APM. A Head Up Display (HUD) will be rendered on top of the live video stream, providing the pilot with real-time telemetry.

    A unique feature of the Sky Drone FPV is the possibility to take 5 megapixel high quality still images during flight. The images are transferred to the groundstation app while the video keeps running uninterrupted. The Sky Drone FPV is not just limited to aerial vehicles. It can be used on ground vehicles and any other use case where real time video transmission is of benefit.

    With Sky Drone FPV a new era of FPV is here! For more information, please head over to our Indiegogo campaign:
    1377071036000Wed Aug 21 2013 07:43:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Mako Server* )
    The Mako Server is a compact web server ideal for rapid design of server-side web applications. Using the Lua scripting language, Mako Server offers fast, efficient development of web applications, ranging from database-driven business applications to customized applications managing microcontroller-based devices.1376949045000Mon Aug 19 2013 21:50:45 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    16x16 Beagle Matrix* )
    Using the BeagleBone Black's already-installed Cloud9 and native Javascript support, we designed a game where a player controls a cursor on 4, 8x8 Bi-Color LED Matrix and a 2-axis thumb joystick. 1375288609000Wed Jul 31 2013 16:36:49 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    wifi radio alarm clock
    Offer clock, alarm, snooze, wifi connection, wifi radio, and radio station playlist. Possibly integrating podcast as well.1374919093000Sat Jul 27 2013 09:58:13 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    VSCP & Friends* )
    VSCP & Friends is a framework for automation. I am working on an installation package for Beaglebone 1374779437000Thu Jul 25 2013 19:10:37 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    RFID Adaptor Board* )
    The RFID adaptor is an interface between the Beaglebone Black and Texas Instrument's TRF7970ATB, (Multi-Protocol Fully Integrated 13.56-MHz RFID and NFC Transceiver) It brings fully functional RFID and NFC capabilities to BBB.1374632874000Wed Jul 24 2013 02:27:54 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    MineNinja - BeagleBone Bitcoin Mining Controller* )
    Use your beaglebone to host USB Bitcoin Mining ASICs.1373908209000Mon Jul 15 2013 17:10:09 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Video Swithcer/Mixer Control Board* )
    The goal of this project is to build a homemade video switcher, taking input from a row of light-up buttons and giving USB output to a computer running a switcher program.1373702615000Sat Jul 13 2013 08:03:35 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    OBD-II reader for communications between car ECU and BeagleBone Black.1373658223000Fri Jul 12 2013 19:43:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Software Defined Peripherals: JTAG/Debug via PRU* )
    The goal of this project is to utilize the PRUs of the AM335x SoCs in investigating the fastest way to: program using JTAG, and provide for debugging facilities built into the beaglebone.1372777570000Tue Jul 02 2013 15:06:10 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Helicopter UAV* )
    A helicopter based UAV with BeagleBone as a main onboard computer.1372187178000Tue Jun 25 2013 19:06:18 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Remote Web and SSH access via Yaler* )
    Enable remote Web and SSH access to your BeagleBone from the (public) Internet, via the Yaler relay infrastructure.1371470783000Mon Jun 17 2013 12:06:23 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    beaglebell home intercom* )
    beaglebone black based home intercom, surveillance, entertainment system1371158876000Thu Jun 13 2013 21:27:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    RT DACHSview-Bone for QNX and PREEMPT_RT Linux* )
    RT DACHS-Bone is port of the graphical programming tool DACHSview for QNX and Linux based target systems. It's now available for ARMv7 systems and includes e.g. a JIT compiler for embedding plain C code into function blocks!1370514684000Thu Jun 06 2013 10:31:24 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Compact Power Point Presentation Device
    Configure beagleboard-xm as mini computer and interface with LCD projector.1370245592000Mon Jun 03 2013 07:46:32 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    OBD1 Honda Ecu Embedded Serial Interface Suite
    Interfacing with OBD1 Honda ECUS through the CN2 port for the purpose of datalogging, live gauges/info, anti-theft, among other uses.1370214795000Sun Jun 02 2013 23:13:15 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    ttylinux* )
    ttylinux is available for BeagleBone. This is a very minimal command-line Linux distribution with Lynx web browser, Lua scripting, GCC-based C development capability, the small thttpd web server, and the Haserl CGI scripting program. The complete ttylinux build system is available; it vaguely resembles buildroot.1369888285000Thu May 30 2013 04:31:25 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Reprap system using Beadlebone Black1369752299000Tue May 28 2013 14:44:59 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BBQBaileys' Home Security System* )
    A Home Security System that incorporates a BeagleBone Black as the central controller. 1368902560000Sat May 18 2013 18:42:40 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Clozure Common Lisp* )
    Free Common Lisp implementation1367936487000Tue May 07 2013 14:21:27 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Autonomous Rugged Maze Navigating Robot* )
    With the support of robotic supply companies: DFRobot, EpicTinker, and Makeblock, our senior design project proposes the use of the BeagleBone processor in instructional environments by developing a Four Wheel Drive Autonomous Robot that will venture through a maze with rugged terrain. 1367621617000Fri May 03 2013 22:53:37 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Nitrogen* )
    Nitrogen is a device platform based on node.js that makes building connected devices and applications easy.1367554356000Fri May 03 2013 04:12:36 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    TITAN ARM* )
    A powered, upper body exoskeleton developed by students at the University of Pennsylvania1367418764000Wed May 01 2013 14:32:44 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BitTorrent Download Console
    Provide BT download capabilities, managed through homeswitch,free resources can be download to portabel USB mass storage device connected to Beaglebone Black1367335198000Tue Apr 30 2013 15:19:58 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Lapdock for BeagleBone Black* )
    Motorola Atrix Phone Lapdock can be used as display, keyboard, mouse, and rechargeable battery power for a complete BeagleBone Black computer.1366730270000Tue Apr 23 2013 15:17:50 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    ModemBoard* )
    MiniPCIe modem board for BeagleBone/CubieBoard/RaspberyPI
    1366704686000Tue Apr 23 2013 08:11:26 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Net Radio* )
    Turn your BeagleBone into a Internet radio.1364515198000Thu Mar 28 2013 23:59:58 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Net Radio* )
    Turn your BeagleBone into a Internet radio.1364195980000Mon Mar 25 2013 07:19:40 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    ProtoBone* )
    LCD/Sensor/Audio expansion board for the Beagle Bone.1363366916000Fri Mar 15 2013 17:01:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    HelenOS* )
    HelenOS is an experimental multiserver microkernel-based operating system which has recently got support for running on BeagleBoard XM and BeagleBone development boards.1361879154000Tue Feb 26 2013 11:45:54 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    6LBR* )
    Contiki-based 6LoWPAN/RPL Border Router solution for BeagleBone. Connect your 802.15.4 motes to the internet with your BeagleBone!1361537771000Fri Feb 22 2013 12:56:11 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Guitar Amplifier with Digital Effects
    University of Texas Senior Design Project- We are building a 100 Watt guitar amplifier with digital audio effects using the beagleboard with simulink.1360012930000Mon Feb 04 2013 21:22:10 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone SDR* )
    The BeagleBone SDR aim is to make available a low cost SDR base station, that can be used over the Internet. This would allow reception of signals around the world, from your home. A typical application would be to get APT images of foreign countries from NOAA satellites. 1359481639000Tue Jan 29 2013 17:47:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Mentor Embedded Linux for Beagleboard* )
    With the Mentor Embedded Linux Kit you can quickly start writing Linux applications on some of the most popular reference boards including the PandaBoard, BeagleBoard and QEMU.1359219281000Sat Jan 26 2013 16:54:41 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Verification and Test OS for BeagleBone* )
    Kozio has made available a 30-day free trial of its Verification and Test OS (VTOS™) Suite for the BeagleBone. 1358888239000Tue Jan 22 2013 20:57:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone Home Security and Automation System* )
    BeagleBone based Home Security and Automation system Provides video feed and notification.1356721441000Fri Dec 28 2012 19:04:01 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Swissbone is a swisskife.
    NTP server,Openvpn,wake one server,webinterface
    1355695955000Sun Dec 16 2012 22:12:35 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Synergy++: Gestures and Human Interface
    A three dimensional human interface
    designed to enhance human vocal expression through interactive electronic voice filtering and FM synthesis environments.
    1355610365000Sat Dec 15 2012 22:26:05 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Inti Media for Beaglebone - an expansion board for Beaglebone* )
    We have now started a new project, an expansion board for Beaglebone and would like to hear your opinion.1355417483000Thu Dec 13 2012 16:51:23 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    The Space Station
    The Space Station is a four-foot-tall structure constructed mostly from K'Nex that, through its use of a series of ramps and the Earth's natural gravitational pull, harnesses the kinetic energy of medium-sized plastic balls to produce sound output.1355125486000Mon Dec 10 2012 07:44:46 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Sundial* )
    an installation modeled on circadian type cycles that deals with offset lighting and sound cycles. 1355105782000Mon Dec 10 2012 02:16:22 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    EMMA- Electronic Marimba Music Automator
    EMMA—our Electronic Marimba Music Automator—transforms a traditional marimba in to an interactive music box. The metaphor of a music box is applied to a larger scale orchestral instrument while preserving some of the precious and playful qualities of playing a music box. We sought to stay true to the concept sonically (striving for a more delicate and simple sound), aesthetically (by creating a turning handle and by visualizing a changing music box score), and finally interactively (by using haptics to feel the notes as well as seeing them go by on the score).
    These three goals were achieved by creating custom hardware and software which leveraged the use of embedded Linux, Arduino microprocessor boards, and custom circuits, enclosures and actuators. The software to interface with our design was created using Pure Data.
    1354875057000Fri Dec 07 2012 10:10:57 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Cellular Internet Appliance* )
    This project provides shell scripts and configuration information needed to put a beaglebone device on the internet using a cellular data connection. 1354070971000Wed Nov 28 2012 02:49:31 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Motion Control Platform for Stepper, Servo, and DC Motors
    The purpose of this project is to develop a general purpose motion control platform for the BeagleBone. This platform will be able to be utilized in applications such as CNC systems, 3D printing, Walking Robotics, Rolling Robotics, and generic motion control1353888503000Mon Nov 26 2012 00:08:23 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    openSUSE* )
    openSUSE Linux distribution for ARM1352227552000Tue Nov 06 2012 18:45:52 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    CamCon - Advanced Camera Controller* )
    The primary aim of this project is to develop and realize device for advanced control of DSLR cameras. 1352210406000Tue Nov 06 2012 14:00:06 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Open Smart Meter* )
    Project of a Smart Meter, ready for Smart Grid Systems, for measurement of electricity consumption.1351887425000Fri Nov 02 2012 20:17:05 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Portable Medical Telemetry
    Provide for automated collection of medical device telemetry using either cellular or wifi connections where available.1350265515000Mon Oct 15 2012 01:45:15 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    buildroot* )
    Buildroot is a set of Makefiles and patches that makes it easy to generate a complete embedded Linux system1349813389000Tue Oct 09 2012 20:09:49 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Sabayon* )
    Source-based distribution forked from Gentoo1349813101000Tue Oct 09 2012 20:05:01 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Embedded Linux Library for Total Control Lighting* )
    A C library for driving Total Control Lighting 3 color LED strands (based on the p9813 chip) using SPI on single-board Linux computers such as the BeagleBone or BeagleBoard.1349716362000Mon Oct 08 2012 17:12:42 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    C++ and PERL Hardware Abstraction Library* )
    Library of C++/PERL objects providing a high-level abstraction of the BeagleBone peripherals1349276503000Wed Oct 03 2012 15:01:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    TwitterMatrixTicker* )
    Dot-matrix Tweet printer using BeagleBone1348847852000Fri Sep 28 2012 15:57:32 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    DECbox* )
    BeagleBone emulating a selection of vintage computers ("SimH") built into a historical VT100 terminal1348847199000Fri Sep 28 2012 15:46:39 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Pristotrope* )
    Pristitrope is a modification of the zoetrope, a pre-cinematic optical toy that shows short, looped animations enhanced with 18 tiny LCD screens1348676170000Wed Sep 26 2012 16:16:10 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Open Volumetrics Holodome* )
    Swept surface volumetric display1348609450000Tue Sep 25 2012 21:44:10 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    beagleboot* )
    Boot loader for BeagleBone based on Starterware1348606923000Tue Sep 25 2012 21:02:03 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Livebone* )
    Broadcast radio scanner output to Internet1348516704000Mon Sep 24 2012 19:58:24 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Dedicated Pandora Radio* )
    How to build your own dedicated Internet radio using Pandora and the 'pianobar' app.1348515686000Mon Sep 24 2012 19:41:26 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Linux user-space standalone application designed to monitor and debug TI OMAP processors' configuration and status dynamically at runtime1348508549000Mon Sep 24 2012 17:42:29 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Continous Integration Traffiic Light* )
    Build a Continous Integration Traffic Light with the Beagle­Board-xM based on Ubuntu 12.04. (GERMAN Page)1347967852000Tue Sep 18 2012 11:30:52 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Blitter Bike* )
    An interactive, bike towed, electronic light sculpture by Branden "Wax" Hall1347464505000Wed Sep 12 2012 15:41:45 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Descriptive Camera* )
    Camera that outputs a text description of the scene, instead of an image1347464281000Wed Sep 12 2012 15:38:01 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Laser intrusion detection system* )
    Twittering shark laser intrusion detection system, in honor of Shark Week1347403194000Tue Sep 11 2012 22:39:54 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Multi-purpose Expansion Board* )
    Multi-purpose Beagle/BeagleXM/Beaglebone expansion boards.1346541725000Sat Sep 01 2012 23:22:05 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Haptic Belt for the Blind* )
    Using a Kinect or Kinect-like device for helping those without sight move around an obstacle-riddled environment. 1346354539000Thu Aug 30 2012 19:22:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    ARM Lguest* )
    Lguest: The Simple x86 Hypervisor, (a virtual machine)
    developed by Rusty Russell.
    I ported it to Beagle Board.
    1346346168000Thu Aug 30 2012 17:02:48 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Neural Network Control * )
    Real-time Neural Network Control 1339054122000Thu Jun 07 2012 07:28:42 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Android On Beagle* )
    The Open Handset Alliance's Android mobile phone operating system based on Linux for the Beagle Board1339005186000Wed Jun 06 2012 17:53:06 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    CHARTER Project wireless ECG* )
    As part of the Artemis CHARTER project this a demonstrator project using a Beagleboard to show a wireless ECG trace and calculate heart rate.

    The Beagleboard is running QNX as the RTOS and the software is developed using RTJava with Aicas JamaicaVM
    1338802249000Mon Jun 04 2012 09:30:49 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Robot cleaner with beagleboard and dsPIC30F4011(120MHz)* )
    The goal of project is to create a vacuum robot cleaner which has a low consumption of energy. The beagleboard comunicate with another sPIC30F (120MHz) to able the robot to manage better the different tasks.1336032696000Thu May 03 2012 08:11:36 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    ZigBeagle* )
    A Beagleboard based tool for configuring, deploying, monitoring, running diagnostics and analyzing protocol data in a ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network. The tool will support at first the cheaper XBee modules. 1335619947000Sat Apr 28 2012 13:32:27 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    eXtensible Versatile hypervISOR* )
    Xvisor is an open source bare-metal monolithic hypervisor, which aims towards providing virtualization solution, which is light-weight, portable, and flexible with small memory foot print and less overhead. It is distributed under GNU Public License (GPLv2).1335328579000Wed Apr 25 2012 04:36:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle3GRouter* )
    The BeagleBoard will use a 3G USB modem to provide a 3G broadband connection and enables to connect computers, smartphone or laptops by either wired or wireless connections to the internet.1332621270000Sat Mar 24 2012 20:34:30 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    digital pyrometer* )
    convert analog to digital pyrometer1332090244000Sun Mar 18 2012 17:04:04 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBone with a USB Peripheral for Data Acquisition* )
    This project examines the concept of having a BeagleBone serve as a web server for USB data acquisition devices. Using the BeagleBone with these USB peripherals allows for flexible data acquisition and control functionality.1331873770000Fri Mar 16 2012 04:56:10 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleTroll for Beagleboard-xM* )
    A nice enclosure for your Beagleboard-xM

    It works with Magnets!!
    1330872355000Sun Mar 04 2012 14:45:55 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Kinect like 3D camera* )
    Completely Portable 3D camera using structured light! Build complete with detailed instructions starting from scratch. Very similar to Microsoft Kinect.1330675038000Fri Mar 02 2012 07:57:18 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    TEND Rover Project* )
    The TE+ND (Terrestrial Exploration + Nurture Designed) Rovers are robotic fostering environments that care for their own garden of native plants by interacting with participants and actively seeking out light and water.1328926664000Sat Feb 11 2012 02:17:44 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeaconBoard peripheral examples* )
    The project provides Linux kernel drivers (modules) for Tin Can Tools BeaconBoard peripherals.1328871191000Fri Feb 10 2012 10:53:11 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    webLigthSwitch* )
    Web application written in JavaScript/node.js which can run on the BeagleBone and control INSTEON devices via an INSTEON PLM interface.1327624857000Fri Jan 27 2012 00:40:57 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Tomb Media Player Client* )
    BeagleTomb is a remote mplayer client written in C++/Qt which utilizes a mediatomb server to connect the user to their entire library at the click of a button.1327508947000Wed Jan 25 2012 16:29:07 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleWatch* )
    Use the Beagle-board as a Wireless IP camera to stream video on Internet.
    Use case : Home Security
    1327242058000Sun Jan 22 2012 14:20:58 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    LVDS LCD add-on board* )
    Additional PCB to connect LVDS LCD panel to BeagleBoard and BeagleBoard-xM.1326738340000Mon Jan 16 2012 18:25:40 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle-Borg* )
    Work in progress beaglebone robotics platform designed for the MICS 2012 robotics competition.1325883955000Fri Jan 06 2012 21:05:55 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Communicator System* )
    Focused on cheap and efficient communication system.1325843334000Fri Jan 06 2012 09:48:54 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleCANBoard* )
    Adapter board and software for BeagleBone that gives multiple features for CAN-Bus.1324420961000Tue Dec 20 2011 22:42:41 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    soniCube: A New Instrument for Exploring Timbre* )
    In an attempt to learn about the abstraction of timbre, soniCube was developed to allow a user to explore a programmed timbre-space.1323909609000Thu Dec 15 2011 00:40:09 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    The Deckle* )
    The wooden sound boards for experimental music making by hand drawing.1323747590000Tue Dec 13 2011 03:39:50 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Bowld--The Electronic Tibetan Singing Bowl* )
    Bowld, through use of FM synthesis, Arduino microprocessing, BeagleBoard technology, and several sensors, seeks to model electronically and mechanically a traditional Tibetan singing bowl. 1323564323000Sun Dec 11 2011 00:45:23 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    A two-handed digital instrument with glove and joystick functionality.1323306368000Thu Dec 08 2011 01:06:08 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Xibo Digital Signage* )
    Xibo is an open source server/client digital signage able to play videos and audio files, display pictures and render webpages. The client is written in Python and this project would port the Client and related libraries (with HW acceleration) to the Beagleboard(-xM) Platform.1321537515000Thu Nov 17 2011 13:45:15 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleScanSpec* )
    Utilize a BeagleBoard and readily available digital
    tuners along with some external circuitry to produce a radio frequencies scanner and spectrum analyser for 1.8 MHz through 30 MHz and 50 MHz through 800 MHz.
    1315493013000Thu Sep 08 2011 14:43:33 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Arcade* )
    A miniature arcade system running emulators of arcade games and retro video-games off of a BeagleBoard.1313440937000Mon Aug 15 2011 20:42:17 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Arrow Windows Embedded bundle* )
    Arrow is bundling Windows Embedded Compact 7 with a BeagleBoard-xM1312227126000Mon Aug 01 2011 19:32:06 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    video notes
    Video notes provides user to seek video based on video notes.1311960065000Fri Jul 29 2011 17:21:05 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    voice coding implementation
    the project aim to implement the various voiding algorithm on linux at beagle board.1311783056000Wed Jul 27 2011 16:10:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Satellite CCRMA* )
    Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics1311604328000Mon Jul 25 2011 14:32:08 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Openlink* )
    Open source Wi-Fi drivers for TI 1311357081000Fri Jul 22 2011 17:51:21 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Cheap POS SYSTEM* )
    The target of this project is to devellop an cheap POS (Point of sale) system. Using the beagleboard to manage all the Hardware.1310689419000Fri Jul 15 2011 00:23:39 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Simulink Support for BeagleBoard* )
    This offering from the Mathworks enables users of MATLAB and Simulink to target the BeagleBoard.1310311395000Sun Jul 10 2011 15:23:15 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    RIL porting on SonyEricsson C510i phone * )
    Sample project of android RIL porting where SonyEricsson C510i mobile phone was used as modem.1310024916000Thu Jul 07 2011 07:48:36 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Aptina Imaging Sensor Drivers* )
    Sensor drivers for Aptina Imaging sensors on Beagleboard-xM1309996708000Wed Jul 06 2011 23:58:28 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle remote camera* )
    Remote camera with image stacking1308080990000Tue Jun 14 2011 19:49:50 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    ARM Linux Internet Platform
    ALIP is a Gnome Mobile style platform meant to be a base for an embedded project for any ARM based hardware. Beagle board is one of the officially supported hardwares.1305725500000Wed May 18 2011 13:31:40 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagleboard Windows CE BSP* )
    Windows CE for Beagleboard xM and C4 boards1305080218000Wed May 11 2011 02:16:58 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BuggyHero* )
    BuggyHero is a real-time locating system that guides and tracks shoppers.1304645535000Fri May 06 2011 01:32:15 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    lowcost-robot* )
    create a low cost robot1303683885000Sun Apr 24 2011 22:24:45 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagleboard Extension* )
    This project provides a PCB extension to the Beagleboard, Beagleboard-xm and Pandaboard. While the initial motivation was to simply provide a LCD screen - that concept has grown into a complete, portable development board.1303158319000Mon Apr 18 2011 20:25:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Windows CE BSP for BeagleBoard* )
    Windows CE board support package for beagleboard1302350329000Sat Apr 09 2011 11:58:49 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Auto-Nurse (Speech-Driven Manual Assistant)
    Develop an intelligent device that assists a human who is performing a complex but well-known
    procedure. The prototype device will integrate speech recognition, video analytics, robotic control
    and perhaps text-to-speech to manipulate objects at the command of the use
    1300111529000Mon Mar 14 2011 14:05:29 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Postman Robot
    A robot that can act as a postman for the internal mail system of offices, universities government buildings, etc.1298299182000Mon Feb 21 2011 14:39:42 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleLocTemp* )
    A Location Aware Weather Station1297585059000Sun Feb 13 2011 08:17:39 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Distributed Processing System For Autonomous Robot* )
    This project will attempt to use several Beagleboards to process several functions for a robot, each board devoting computation time to one or two systems, such as vision or navigation, in order to operate autonomously.1297479350000Sat Feb 12 2011 02:55:50 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    OpenCV- Haar Training on DSP* )
    The goal of this project is to optimize some very important OpenCV functions and applications such as Haar Training for on-chip DSP C64x+ on BeagleBoard xM. 1297237586000Wed Feb 09 2011 07:46:26 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Vehicular box having applications for Bluetooth Telephony, Multimedia and Location reporting service.
    Beagle Vehicular box will be built to deploy in any vehicle. Vehicle owner can use it for connecting his cell phone by Bluetooth so that he can take his calls through board, listening music and Board will be updating current location of vehicle on a server for tracking purpose.1295343414000Tue Jan 18 2011 09:36:54 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Quad Rotor Vision-based Controller
    Low power & light weighted vision-based 6DOF pose estimation & control module that can be easily integrated into any quadrotor system.1294388017000Fri Jan 07 2011 08:13:37 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle - Who am I?* )
    Beagle-Scanner: A low-cost vision system that can mimic the functionalities of a human eye to aid the visually impaired to identify humans.1293674263000Thu Dec 30 2010 01:57:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Enhanced CarPC* )
    OBD2 capable car pc.1291984420000Fri Dec 10 2010 12:33:40 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Lox* )
    An expansion board for the BeagleBoard that gives direct access to the on board audio hardware, for use in Ham Radio internet linking.1291480422000Sat Dec 04 2010 16:33:42 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    PCBFab* )
    The goal of this project is to bring better PCB fabrication to everyday hobbyist and engineers.1289943899000Tue Nov 16 2010 21:44:59 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBoard Robotics Base* )
    The BeagleRB Project is a project aiming to release plans, software and instructions on how to set up a cheap open-source wireless robotics base with a BeaglBoard as core component.1289646859000Sat Nov 13 2010 11:14:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Digital Automotive Information Systems Integration* )
    This project uses a BeagleBoard, an Arduino, and existing automotive control systems to offer remote control of common vehicle functions. Examples of these functions are door locks, trunk release, parking lights, horn, power windows, and ignition. The functions will vary depending on the type of vehicle.1287004061000Wed Oct 13 2010 21:07:41 GMT-0000 (UTC) Embedded Linux Education Project* )
    To include education materials with the BeagleBoard to teach embedded Linux basics, primarily using the Angstrom Distribution and Android.1286893107000Tue Oct 12 2010 14:18:27 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    integrated tracker and motorised video projector* )
    A computer vision tracker coupled to an infra red camera and a video projector placed on a motorised platform controlled using the Open Sound Control protocol. 1286360465000Wed Oct 06 2010 10:21:05 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle DD-WRT* )
    A port of the DD-WRT distribution for the Beagle Board XM and an associated USB Wireless card. The hope is to eventually create an expansion module with integrated wireless.1286247805000Tue Oct 05 2010 03:03:25 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Internet Controlled Security System & Live Video Streaming
    Use Beagle to record and stream video on Internet. Such system can be used in Banks,ATM,Safety Vaults or any other remote place where surveillance is needed.1283654569000Sun Sep 05 2010 02:42:49 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Novel Fire Detection System
    The fire detection systems available today use smoke sensors to predict fire rather than to detect, in this project a video based fire detection will take palce controlled by beagle board.The system will use either USB or Zigbee protocol to communicate with the control center and also will have a alarm unit, the most difficult task will be Image Processing Algorithms to detect fire. 1283626903000Sat Sep 04 2010 19:01:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Verification and validation for the BeagleBoard* )
    Kozio provides a packaged software solution for in-system hardware verification and diagnostics for board designs using OMAP3 and other processor technologies. Kozio is providing users of the BeagleBoard a full validation solution that is a a standard packaged solution driven by a graphical user interface. Get an interactive guided tour of the OMAP3530 and BeagleBoard hardware enabling you to test your board, drive all signaling and data paths, and program devices. 1282943908000Fri Aug 27 2010 21:18:28 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Verification and validation for the BeagleBoard* )
    Kozio provides a packaged software solution for in-system hardware verification and diagnostics for board designs using OMAP3 and other processor technologies. Kozio is providing users of the BeagleBoard a full validation solution that is a a standard packaged solution driven by a graphical user interface. Get an interactive guided tour of the OMAP3530 and BeagleBoard hardware enabling you to test your board, drive all signaling and data paths, and program devices. 1282943872000Fri Aug 27 2010 21:17:52 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleforLearners* )
    BeagleforLearners is a Mini Computer system to enhance learning process among young and the old.1282645926000Tue Aug 24 2010 10:32:06 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Unmanned Terrestrial Vehicle B-UTV* )
    An unmanned terrestrial vehicle control system based on the beagle board architecture. The system should be able to control the throttle and steering, provide a wireless communication interface and present a graphical user interface to the user to provide the control of the vehicle over a remote location.1281926768000Mon Aug 16 2010 02:46:08 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBox* )
    BeagleBox is an Internet-based video system intended for use with TV's that do not support streaming network video.1280704119000Sun Aug 01 2010 23:08:39 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Autonomous Underwater Vehicle* )
    A robotic submarine which combines input from several different kinds of sensors, including cameras, accelerometers, gyroscopes, a depth sensor, and a compass. Vision code in OpenCV will test the limits of the beagle board's processing power.1280677448000Sun Aug 01 2010 15:44:08 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Refrigerator Assistance
    Build Graphical Shopping list application on LCD running on beagle board.1280443836000Thu Jul 29 2010 22:50:36 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    beaglebook* )
    Implement portable E-Book reader using BeagleBoard.1280392333000Thu Jul 29 2010 08:32:13 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Sniffer-beagle will be a robot which will able to sense a GAS and react according to program1279874470000Fri Jul 23 2010 08:41:10 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBoard Hardhat Industrial IO* )
    The BeagleBoard Hardhat is an industrial analog and digital I/O expansion board.1279774054000Thu Jul 22 2010 04:47:34 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Meego on the Beagleboard* )
    This projects aim is to port Meego to the beagleboard.1278690290000Fri Jul 09 2010 15:44:50 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Storyboard GUI Development* )
    Crank Software's Storyboard Suite provides a development environment and embedded engine for creating rich animated UI's for embedded devices faster. Storyboard support the beagleboard on Linux, WinCE and QNX.1278597948000Thu Jul 08 2010 14:05:48 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Transforming the world-class Cisco 7940 into a rich unified communicator powered by Linux1278563219000Thu Jul 08 2010 04:26:59 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Real-Time twitter updates of scores1278183857000Sat Jul 03 2010 19:04:17 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BOB - the BeagleBoard Operated Bug* )
    The Beagleboard Operated Bug grew out of an interest in using the Beagleboard in conjunction with some of the open source robotics and AI libraries. BOB is built on a retired HexCrawler HDATS 18-DOF Hexapod base with a 2-DOF pan/tilt platform for camera scanning. The main processor is a Beagleboard rev C4. 1278009874000Thu Jul 01 2010 18:44:34 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Android Mini Computer
    Fully functional Android v2.2 based personal computer.1276606142000Tue Jun 15 2010 12:49:02 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Openmoko Beagle Hybrid* )
    Expansion board with VGA LCD/Touch, Microphone, Earpiece that fits into an Openmoko Case1276590258000Tue Jun 15 2010 08:24:18 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    TiroKart - Total Immersion Remotely Operated Go-Kart* )
    The goal of this research project is to develop technology that allows vehicles to be remotely operated at high speeds while providing an immersive interface to the operator.1276091076000Wed Jun 09 2010 13:44:36 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Meego on Beagleboard
    This project aims at porting meego and on Beagle board and development of related applications on the same1275689384000Fri Jun 04 2010 22:09:44 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Board Diagnostic Tests* )
    Software and process to perform Beagle Board hardware verification1275505878000Wed Jun 02 2010 19:11:18 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    3-D Attitude Navigation Solution
    Integrating IMU,GPS and Beagleboard for getting navigation data1275206931000Sun May 30 2010 08:08:51 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    The BeagleTick is a stand alone NTP time server that demodulates radio time signals that are broadcast from many locations.1275104634000Sat May 29 2010 03:43:54 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Bug Labs 2.0* )
    An open source hardware project to for modular rapid prototyping.1274951765000Thu May 27 2010 09:16:05 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    RTK-GPS reciver* )
    BeagleBoard-based RTK-GPS receiver1274951244000Thu May 27 2010 09:07:24 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBrick * )
    Self Contained SDR Ham Radio Station featuring an LCD touch screen and TI's BeagleBoard -
    Why Bark When You Can Byte?
    1274274634000Wed May 19 2010 13:10:34 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Voice Controlled Wheelchair
    It is proposed to implement a multiprocessor based wheelchair controller system using a DSP processor.1274208473000Tue May 18 2010 18:47:53 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    0xdroid* )
    0xlab's enhanced Android distribution, highly tweaked for Beagleboard1274203590000Tue May 18 2010 17:26:30 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Earth Jukebox* )
    The idea is to build a jukebox with open hardware where people can go and recycle cans or other materials and they get music for there contribution to the planet. 1274158339000Tue May 18 2010 04:52:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagleboard Windows CE6.0 R3 Board Support Package* )
    A complete Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 Board Support Package (BSP) specifically for the OMAP3530 based Beagleboard. Developed by Microsoft Gold Partners MPC Data.1273840814000Fri May 14 2010 12:40:14 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Go Green Beagle
    This project I am taking or wanted to do because I wanted to replace all the papers consumption which will save our trees and also to save power where the device will last for atleast 7 days once charged. Further also have plan to get charged by solar energy.
    To get the touch of the paper I am using E-ink. I need to port the E-ink with a beagle board. Since I am Using E-ink power will last long in the device.
    This project is to save EARTH and GO GREEN
    1273465040000Mon May 10 2010 04:17:20 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleROS* )
    The goal of this project is to provide integration of the ROS (Robotic OS on the beagleboard.1273001473000Tue May 04 2010 19:31:13 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagleboard support for Buildroot* )
    Buildroot is a very popular and easy to use embedded Linux distribution. It is small and very easy to hack. 1272467798000Wed Apr 28 2010 15:16:38 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    A (portable) stand-alone media center device connected to a (hd)tv1272384523000Tue Apr 27 2010 16:08:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    C6Run* )
    Project to enable quickly building and running code on the C64x+ DSP of the beagleboard's OMAP3 processor.1272310213000Mon Apr 26 2010 19:30:13 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Zippy2 (KSZ8851SNL-BBE-EVAL) * )
    Expansion board that provides: 10/100 Mbit Ethernet, SD/MMC, battery backed-up Real Time Clock (RTC), RS-232 serial port, and a 5V I2C interface for the BeagleBoard.1272236996000Sun Apr 25 2010 23:09:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Trainer* )
    The Trainer board is an expansion / breakout board for the BeagleBoard that provides level translated interfaces for: I2C, SPI, multiple GPIO's, standard prototyping area, Arduino compatible ATmega328.1272236597000Sun Apr 25 2010 23:03:17 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Expandable Home monitoring and automation system, using Beagleboard as host/server and a collection of sensor/actuator devices based on ATmega 8bit uC.1271192046000Tue Apr 13 2010 20:54:06 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    port nghost for automotive infotainment system* )
    nghost is a open source project for car computer based on Linux, as a framework, it provide api for increasing new plugin1271178519000Tue Apr 13 2010 17:08:39 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Spheric Video System
    A system that controls several video cameras to reproduce spheric videos. The Beagle Board is used to control the video cameras and reproduce the final video. 1271080093000Mon Apr 12 2010 13:48:13 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    RaDromotic* )
    The project is about to use the BeagleBoard as a interface to control home electric devices like spotlights, doors, shades, movement sensors, extensible to others (like web cams) via Short Message Service (SMS).
    1270757365000Thu Apr 08 2010 20:09:25 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    An H.264-based depth generation for 2D to 3D conversion
    As H.264 has been chosen as one of the platforms for 3DTV applications, it is a good choice for us to generate the depth map based on H.264. In the project,motion information based on H.264 is used to derive the displacement of objects over two consecutive frames.Comparing with other algorithms, it is readily available in the form of motion vectors(MVs) at the receiver-end at no additional computational cost .What is more,there is no need for the sender to send the depth information, which makes the system real-time.1270639255000Wed Apr 07 2010 11:20:55 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    This is a project to create a "dock" for a BB that will turn it into a powerful PLC for Industrial Automation. It's mostly an Open Hardware project that adds a SPI backplane and plug in IO cards to the BB to allow it to control equipment in place of a proprietary PLC. There are many Linux automation projects that would benefit from having an industrial strength platform to run on.1270504139000Mon Apr 05 2010 21:48:59 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Home Security System
    BeagleBoard Home Security System. A control system to monitor sensors and cameras within a residence for house/industrial protection. 1270446305000Mon Apr 05 2010 05:45:05 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Adding Sense to Beagle* )
    Sensory aware applications are becoming more mainstream with the release of the Apple iPhone. This project would combine both HW and SW to add sensory awareness to beagle. First, additional modules such as GPS, 3-axis accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Pressure Sensors, etc, would be added to beagle to compliment the microphone input in order to allow sensing of the real world environment. Then SW APIs would need to be layered on top to allow easy access to the sensory data for use by applications. This info is just copied from the beagleboard GSOC 2010 ideas list. I would restructure it after talking with some folks on the mailing list1269980280000Tue Mar 30 2010 20:18:00 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBird* )
    BeagleBoard + arduino powered automated bird tracking tripod for DLSR camera's 1269685512000Sat Mar 27 2010 10:25:12 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Autonomous All Terrain Vehicle* )
    Build and autonomous ground vehicle in a modular way employing sensor fusion at various levels leading to software APIs for several sensors, an Attitude & Heading Reference System, a path planner and a map builder.1269449499000Wed Mar 24 2010 16:51:39 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Distant Camera Remote Wildlife Survey
    Use Beagleboard to create a low energy consumption remote camera recording system for wildlife monitoring away from mains power.1269373360000Tue Mar 23 2010 19:42:40 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    A project to make an cloud communication device on a BeagleBoard .
    1269238437000Mon Mar 22 2010 06:13:57 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    car Assisting System with Image and Location processing* )
    a car management system to assist driver by providing model for outer environment with support of cameras, gps and other sensors.1268626492000Mon Mar 15 2010 04:14:52 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBoard Open LCD* )
    Touchscreen and LCD open hardware design for the BeagleBoard1268469320000Sat Mar 13 2010 08:35:20 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    X-Loader* )
    Clean up X-Loader code, make it U-Boot independent, have one X-Loader for all OMAP3 boards and one binary for all boot methods.1268340409000Thu Mar 11 2010 20:46:49 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    U-Boot V2* )
    Add BeagleBoard support to U-Boot V2 and use it as X-loader replacement1268337604000Thu Mar 11 2010 20:00:04 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    dispTEC* )
    Library for embedded real-time Digital Signal Processing / Digital Image Processing algorithms, XDAIS compliant. 1268323795000Thu Mar 11 2010 16:09:55 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    This project we'll develop an OMAP3530's core board and several kinds of carrier board.1267759321000Fri Mar 05 2010 03:22:01 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Guard
    Multiple pocket based home & store monitoring & control gadget which could later also be made to act as an universal remote.1267416736000Mon Mar 01 2010 04:12:16 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    The Symbian platform* )
    Symbian is the world's most widely used smartphone operating system with over 300 million devices sold. Since February 2010 it is fully open source under the EPL license and the Beagleboard is the reference hardware platform.1266949639000Tue Feb 23 2010 18:27:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    PuppyBits* )
    Libraries, demo code, and experiments in bare-metal programming of a beagleboard for Free Software developers.
    1266369108000Wed Feb 17 2010 01:11:48 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    eNurse* )
    Patient monitoring platform to control chronic diseases at home1266252576000Mon Feb 15 2010 16:49:36 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    CMOS 5 mpix sensor * )
    Integration of a Micron CMOS sensor to the BB for still and video capture. 1265935712000Fri Feb 12 2010 00:48:32 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Tianocore* )
    This is an open source implementation of the UEFI bootloader.1265812348000Wed Feb 10 2010 14:32:28 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    LinuxLink Development Center* )
    LinuxLink Development Center for TI Beagle Board1265808475000Wed Feb 10 2010 13:27:55 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    reacTIVision Port* )
    Porting the reacTIVision computer vision framework to the BeagleBoard. This will allow for the creation of simple, low-cost multi-touch tables and devices.1265663637000Mon Feb 08 2010 21:13:57 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    The project is to make autonomous a seeway already built, and implement their control algorithms for tracking people or vehicles, through vision algorithms with a camera and a laser mapping. 1265117568000Tue Feb 02 2010 13:32:48 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    An autonomous mini-copter for track moving objects and follow them.1264359467000Sun Jan 24 2010 18:57:47 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Project Kennel* )
    "A home for your BeagleBoard"1263512544000Thu Jan 14 2010 23:42:24 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Eye* )
    A beagle-eyed guide for the visually challenged1263509100000Thu Jan 14 2010 22:45:00 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Speech Scrambler on beagleboard* )
    A speech scrambler developed on Beagleboard for scrambling analog audio I/O (in "speech domain"). By scrambling means: processing it digitally using commonly used Cryptography Algorithm (AES, 3DES etc) and or other "unique-your-own-algorithm"1263252061000Mon Jan 11 2010 23:21:01 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Traveler* )
    Automotive media and vehicle management controller. Comparable to (no activity). 1263147477000Sun Jan 10 2010 18:17:57 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Power on self test for beagle board1261764181000Fri Dec 25 2009 18:03:01 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle automatic number plate recognition
    A portable system for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) using BeagleBoard.1261574233000Wed Dec 23 2009 13:17:13 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Security Monitoring over Web
    This project proposes to control and transmit audio and video from a remote place using the beagleboard as a webserver.1260994279000Wed Dec 16 2009 20:11:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Webcam broadcast server/relay
    Webcam broadcast platform for USB webcams.1260876782000Tue Dec 15 2009 11:33:02 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Building Qt on OMAP3* )
    Simple instructions to build Qt.1260243862000Tue Dec 08 2009 03:44:22 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Robotics Bus* )
    This is a proposal for an expansion bus for robotics. It's a way to connect more than one robotics expansion bus to the beagleboard.1259896693000Fri Dec 04 2009 03:18:13 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeaglePod* )
    BeaglePod is a plug-in replacement+ for car stereo's that are IPod Ready. The BeaglePod uses gstreamer as an audio/video player and is controlled via the car stereo head unit using Apple Accessory Protocol. 1259882664000Thu Dec 03 2009 23:24:24 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Board Jukebox
    Remember the old jukeboxes? Just think how good it would be, having all your music stuff in one of this, with a good interface and a fast and easy access to your music1259323539000Fri Nov 27 2009 12:05:39 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagleboard Carputer* )
    The Beagleboard Carputer aims to create a fully-integrated system that will feature touchscreen LCD, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, GPS Navigation, Phone features, Wifi, Voice recognition, Multimedia entertainment.1258943343000Mon Nov 23 2009 02:29:03 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Intelligent Virtual Doorman
    Open entrance doors by intelligent access control elements and the beagle board and enabling the supervision by the virtual doorman.1258828234000Sat Nov 21 2009 18:30:34 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle-Walker* )
    Automatic dog-walker robot1258186971000Sat Nov 14 2009 08:22:51 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Autonomous Robotics platform* )
    Design, prototype and develop an autonomous aerial vehicle system, allowing experimentation with real-time control and computer vision algorithms1258131861000Fri Nov 13 2009 17:04:21 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Adapting the TI EVM 35xx BSP to the Beagle Board* )
    This project covers adapting the TI EVM 35xx BSP to run on the Beagle Board.
    1258087115000Fri Nov 13 2009 04:38:35 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    FETCH - FPGA enabled tool control host* )
    A host with a web interface for easy configuration and control of connected tools. The device may also be controlled through a PSTN network using DTMF tones. The BeagleBoard will act as the main server and will also be the host interface for the connected FPGA for the purpose of evaluating the IPs developed on the FPGA.1257675355000Sun Nov 08 2009 10:15:55 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Home-Brew SmartPhone* )
    The HomeBrew SmartPhone is a project to create a community-buildable mobile phone that is powerful enough to also run as a Desktop PC.1257353392000Wed Nov 04 2009 16:49:52 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    PupLC* )
    Open source controller for PLC operated equipment.1255726251000Fri Oct 16 2009 20:50:51 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Speed-Reader* )
    Speed-Reader is an audio book reader that gives the listener control of the speaker rate.1255228223000Sun Oct 11 2009 02:30:23 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    OSkit port To Beagle Board.* )
    My project proposal is to port the OS kit software to the Beagle Board. The OS Kit is a series of component libraries that makes creating new operating systems and research on those systems much easier.1254463096000Fri Oct 02 2009 05:58:16 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    It's a team for RoboCup Soccer.1254412756000Thu Oct 01 2009 15:59:16 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Real-Time wireless video transmission capability
    the UAV designed will be radio controlled. the UAV will transmit video captured by its sensor to a base station in real-time.

    1253640316000Tue Sep 22 2009 17:25:16 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleVision* )
    An efficient object recognition framework for Beagle Board (OMAP 3)1252945635000Mon Sep 14 2009 16:27:15 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Buildroot on beagleboard* )
    Project to develop a concise but complete rootfs for testing purpose based on Qt 4.5, X11, SDL and DirectFB. Based on Buildroot we shall make a rootfs optimized for OMAP35x to run on the NAND FLASH or SD card. 1252583146000Thu Sep 10 2009 11:45:46 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Schooldog* )
    The purpose is to make an off the shelf low cost schoolcomputer that can be used on various levels of education. It will be small so students can take it with them and the school just has to provide for input / output items. This way even people that cannot afford laptops can participate in the digital era or schools can provide a robust and good machine for studypurposes.
    1252431702000Tue Sep 08 2009 17:41:42 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle-Arduino hybrid robot * )
    A robot using a Beagleboard for high-level processing and Arduino for low-level control.1252243288000Sun Sep 06 2009 13:21:28 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    DJ Audio / Video Mixer* )
    DJ audio mixer with video playback capabilities1252240310000Sun Sep 06 2009 12:31:50 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Disko - the ui application framework* )
    Disko is a Linux-based toolkit to build touchscreen- and remote-controllable ui applications. It contains native OMAP framebuffer support and the media content is DSP-accelerated by GStreamer (TI-Codecs).1251988301000Thu Sep 03 2009 14:31:41 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagleboard Minilaptop
    Well i'm making minilaptop based on beagleboard. Some goals for this project: 8.9" LVDS screen, light weight ~1.5kg max, battery lifetime over 4h, ethernet, usb wlan built in. All dyi :P 1251805445000Tue Sep 01 2009 11:44:05 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    HDD based Mulitmedia system with video & audio
    A multimedia system based on OMAP and linux1251718664000Mon Aug 31 2009 11:37:44 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Electrical Energy computation and Cost Dissipation
    EECCD system makes use of wireless networking for computation of number of units representing energy consumed by the customer and sends an electronic statement of charges via local network and after an acknowledgement from the customer will make necessary transaction of amount from the bank account via online banking. 1251268490000Wed Aug 26 2009 06:34:50 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    BeagleBuddy Zippy Ethernet Combo Board* )
    Expansion board that provides: Ethernet, SD/MMC, battery backed-up RTC, RS-232 serial port, and a 5V I2C interface for the BeagleBoard. 1250720113000Wed Aug 19 2009 22:15:13 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    The Turk Platform* )
    A wireless dynamically-mappable interface platform for small devices1250312085000Sat Aug 15 2009 04:54:45 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Embedded developer's workbench (BeagleLAB)* )
    BeagleLAB is an Embedded developer's workbench comprising of must-have hardware/software utilities. 1250171754000Thu Aug 13 2009 13:55:54 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Gnome for OMAP3* )
    A Gnome implementation for OMAP3 devices. Currently Beagleboard and Gumstix Overo are supported.1249398256000Tue Aug 04 2009 15:04:16 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Wacom* )
    Wacom Tablet driver for Beagle Board1248756562000Tue Jul 28 2009 04:49:22 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagleboard Accessibility Device* )
    The Beagleboard Accessibility Device is a mobile platform for enabling accessibility in RIA applications. 1248332011000Thu Jul 23 2009 06:53:31 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Automated Metal Finishing
    Automated Anodizing Metal Finishing Line.1248304642000Wed Jul 22 2009 23:17:22 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Remote Bill Board* )
    A beagle board solution to power video billboards.
    Bring them to 21st century.
    1248162021000Tue Jul 21 2009 07:40:21 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Gyro Stabilized Target Acquisition System* )
    Gyro Stabilized Target Acquisition System's objective is to allow a stabilized remote camera to find both friendly (using IR markers) and possible enemy targets and report that information to a remote location. It's developed in C++.
    1248142597000Tue Jul 21 2009 02:16:37 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    miniECG is hand-handled devices that helps to monitor heart stroke rehab patients, post-heart surgery patients or patients with critical heart disorder. 1247223205000Fri Jul 10 2009 10:53:25 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Math-Neon* )
    ARM NEON optimised approximate cmath like library.1247211863000Fri Jul 10 2009 07:44:23 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Pack
    A pack of Pico packin' BeagleBots that comes together to project HD video onto any flat surface1246951316000Tue Jul 07 2009 07:21:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Handheld Lab* )
    The goal of this project is to create a cheap little handheld laboratory with as much functionality as possible.1246913699000Mon Jul 06 2009 20:54:59 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    TCF agent port* )
    Provide support for remote launching, monitoring and debugging of Beagle Board applications using the Eclipse IDE1246584751000Fri Jul 03 2009 01:32:31 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    OMAP Emulator
    Emulator for rapid prototyping1246523564000Thu Jul 02 2009 08:32:44 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    UPnP/DLNA AV client renderer and transcoding server * )
    Enable the beagleboard as a fully featured UPnP AV rendering client, and as a UPnP AV (transcoding!) server.
    1246324680000Tue Jun 30 2009 01:18:00 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Android SDIO WIFI* )
    TI 1271 wifi solution for Android BeagleBoard1246286688000Mon Jun 29 2009 14:44:48 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Happiness Device for Cerebral Palsy Kids
    The device is circular in nature with a touch screen where an interactive interface is used to display icons, objects, photos and other sharable action oriented stuff. The device has exchangable memory sticks which allow two or more device's to get connected and hence facilitating interactions. The result is to get a cerebral palsy kid out of his isolated environment, motivate him to communicate by making a device which will show him the joy of communicating.1246129663000Sat Jun 27 2009 19:07:43 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Travel Buddy
    A device which will assist a traveller/tourist giving them mobile computing power1245932031000Thu Jun 25 2009 12:13:51 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Beagle Synth* )
    DSP MIDI synthesizer based around the beagleboard1245698156000Mon Jun 22 2009 19:15:56 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    ONAS* )
    An open source NAS based on OMAP3530 running linux1245310176000Thu Jun 18 2009 07:29:36 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    TUD:OS on the Beagleboard
    The plan of this Project is port the TUD:OS operating system to the Beagleboard.
    1245229561000Wed Jun 17 2009 09:06:01 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    Bringing the BeagleBoard to the world of Amateur Radio.1245181731000Tue Jun 16 2009 19:48:51 GMT-0000 (UTC)
    MyGTee Machine* )
    A handheld device exploiting all the OMAP3530 capabilities1245180559000Tue Jun 16 2009 19:29:19 GMT-0000 (UTC)

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