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BeagleBone & BeagleBone Black Capes

To view the selection of capes (manufactured by and sold via third parties), visit

What are capes?

The capes are products of the community, which means they were designed by developers just like you and, although a variety of capes exist today, we can’t wait to see what cool new cape concepts come next. You have the chance to put your thinking cap on and tell us what we’ve missed by conceptualizing and designing your own cape plug-in board! Register your idea today.

There are now over available 100 cape designs for display (DVI-D, HDMI, VGA, LCD, etc.), motor control, prototyping and power supply (battery, solar, etc.) – among other functionalities – with more on the way. What will you create?

Check out the list of registered cape concepts and register your own concept. To jumpstart your design, snag your own cape plug-in boards at

BeagleBoard Approved program

To help users know about accessories with the best out-of-box experience with your project, the BeagleBoard Approved program has been started to review products and user's experience with them.

Featured Capes & Accessories

Explore the world of feature-rich capes and other accessories for super-charged functionality. Plug in and go! Visit the cape store to see all options.


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