Beagle Board - Mentoring Google Summer of Code has once again been selected as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code! This means it is time for students and potential mentors to check out the information on the program home page to find out about the program in general and discover the other organizations participating in mentorship this year. Once familiar with the program, you should check out the ideas pages for various organizations, including the ideas page.

Once you feel like you have a bit of inspiration, get connected to some mentors who might help you out. You will find several related to hanging out on IRC on channel #beagle-gsoc. You will also need to join the BeagleBoard GSoC Google Group. Student project proposals will be accepted March 10-21 and no late proposals will be accepted. The proposals likely to be accepted will be ones where the student has worked closely with mentors to craft it out in a way there is a mutally agreed liklihood of success as well as value for the community.

Last year, successfully mentored 5 projects including Userspace Arduino that brought sketches to Linux, brought Robot Operating System to new Linux distributions, improved upstream ADC IIO support, brought I2C support to Minix and enabled booting and flashing boards from Android phones. Take just a few minutes to watch the project videos.

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