Beagle Board - collaborates in creation of new Arduino TRE

Two open hardware pioneers have combined forces to bring the famously easy-to-use experience of Arduino to a high-performance ARM-based Linux computer and prototyping platform derived from the open hardware designs of and Arduino Leonardo. As an open hardware project,'s collaboration with Arduino helps to advance accessible technology for artists, designers, hobbyists and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments everywhere.

Arduino familiarity, freed from the tether of a laptop

For many projects that previously required an external computer, the Arduino TRE will provide all the necessary tools on one small board at an affordable price with low power consumption. Programmable in Arduino's highly accessible C-derived language with open source roots in Processing and Wiring, Arduino TRE enables users to target real-time microcontroller tasks or Linux tasks using open source libraries supporting vision and graphics functionality. Arduino TRE provides a combination of instant familiarity with a monumental jump in performance and available software to extend the experience.

Arduino TRE features the processor that powers BeagleBone Black, a TI Sitara AM335x. It also features a common footprint and electronics as the Arduino Leonardo, enabling compatibility with a huge variety of Arduino shields. Further integration includes a 4-port USB hub for hosting a large number of standard USB peripherals, a 2-port USB hub on the client side for simultaneous access to both integrated processors on-board, a stereo audio codec with standard 1/8th" stereo speaker and line-input jacks, a dedicated XBee connector for wireless communications and a full-sized HDMI connector.

See the pictures below and the post on for additional preview information. is a community built on openness and a commitment to longevity

For, this alliance is a true honor that we hope will positively shape collaboration in the open hardware world moving forward, growing the abilities of developers using open tools and advancing open hardware platforms optimized for running the largest body of open source software. While this will be an Arduino product, supported through the Arduino forums, the discussion group has consistently been a place for lively discussion of all platforms and pride in workmanship is inescapable.

While Arduino TRE prototype development was initially done with a relatively small group of collaborators, including the Foundation, the plan is to now move quickly into an open development phase where broad community feedback and contributions will play a critical role in the final development of the product. Because of this, we can't say exactly when the final version of the product will ship, but developers can look to be fully informed of ongoing development work in the future so they can make informed decisions on when to become active with their own projects.

We find incredible satisfaction in this collaboration with Arduino and look forward to working with other individuals and groups who can see benefit in advancing open hardware based platforms optimized for running the most open source software and growing the body of developers using open tools, especially including all existing platforms and the new Arduino TRE. We can't wait to find out what you will create!

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